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  1. I don't know about you but I am starting to feel sorry for this poor Turkish fellow. If he was smart, he would head for the hills!!!!!
  2. Antelope - I was thinking the same thing. Wind-up but I don't think a wind-up would take it so personally. I do think there was a bigger agenda though. Some people just don't want to think that they can be duped, and she sees herself as nobody's fool. I think that is why she got so upset. I remember the first time I heard the stories about Turkish men, I didn't want to believe it either but so much of it goes on in Turkey and elsewhere in the world. There is so much scamming on the internet now; one really has to keep their guard up. Facebook can be especially scary if you let just anyo
  3. Rain - if you really want to find out how difficult it is, I would suggest you go to the US Government site (don't you work for them) or call them and I am sure you will find tons of information on the process and with that get a sense of how difficult it really is. I would also be curious how your fellow got to the UK as my understanding from the UK citizens, is that the process is equally daunting. There are more questions to be asked of him? I am a great believer of RED FLAGS and intuition and the Red Flags for this fellow include:Talking about marriage before even meeting you - come on
  4. Hi Rain - just caught up on the threads this morning and realized that this has been going on for months, not just a new thing. I really am curious why either you or Reyhan haven't gone to Turkey to meet these fellows. Reyhan mentioned that she has been cyberdating her fellow for 18 months . Are you nervous of traveling alone to Turkey? I can understand that. I was the first time but soon got over it. Maybe you don't have the vacation time or the expense is prohibitive. It seems strange to me that you haven't jumped on a plane to go visit give the intensity of your arguments!. Aren't y
  5. Hi Rain, You are certainly taking all our unsolicited advice with good humor, I do have to say. I have to admit that the first time I went to Turkey, I fell in love with everything about the culture. They almost remind me of the Italians in their sense of style, art and fashion. I love the country and if I could figure out a way to live there legally, I would. Istanbul is one of my most favorite cities in the world that I have seen so far. Couple that with handsome and charming younger men who are attentive and flattering, what's not to like. You will have a distinct advantage speaking t
  6. Hi Rain - I just wanted to add in my two cents too. I always find it helps to put the shoe on the other foot. I think in this case you have to ask yourself, "why"? Why would a young man be interested in a relationship with you. Don't get me wrong - I don't think the age thing has to be an issue but I think it becomes more relevant when you haven't met in person. I have been to Turkey on numerous occasions and believe me when I say Turkish woman are very attractive. I am not talking about the ones that live in the villages but the young women of Turkey that are young, educated and working
  7. I would agree as well, if I am paying my hard earned money for language lessons, I would (at the minimum) expect a positive, encouraging happy attitude. I have been following the threads on teaching in Istanbul and I would hazard to say that there are some who want to discourage any competition. It is like any business, those that present themselves in the best light will get the best jobs. I haven't taught in Turkey but have taught ESL and it is an uncontrolled private industry so there aren't standards in place anywhere that I know of. You really have to find the best schools and, of cou
  8. I can only add my two cents here but when only one person adds money to the pot, it isn't a partnership and why do something in a foreign country that you wouldn't do in your own country of residence. I love Turkey too and have been really trying to find ways to make a living there "on my own". I would NEVER invest money in any business without a lawyer (who speaks English) so I understand everything to the best of my ability. I have worked too hard to give up my savings to another person. I too have a Turkish friend and I have spent a lot of time explaining how things work in Canada and t
  9. Good stuff, I never know what to order when in Turkey and I know some people have told me there are some good wines but I have never known the names.....will put these suggestions in my little black book.
  10. I find this topic fascinating, not just for the wages of waiters but the way in which the Turkish family works. My friend in Turkey has his own business and recently had a very successful year and was able to pay all his bills for his shop and pocket a bunch of money. It was interesting to watch all his uncles come to borrow money from him (he is younger and trying to build a business). This year is a different story, tourism is down and his partner decided he wanted out of the business so he is having to pay all the bills (instead of half) and pay his partner off as well when the economy i
  11. I love your idea and next time I come to Istanbul (December) maybe I can sign up for a few lessons from you.
  12. Yum, yum, I could just reach out and grab a piece.
  13. Well, I can certainly speak about winter being a Canuck but you are probably more interested in the winters that people spend in Turkey. I have a little experience of that as I was in Turkey over Christmas in 2007. It was beautiful for the first 5 days and then started to get cold and I was very cold but luckily the hotel I stayed in had a nice little fireplace so I would just pick up my book and have a cup of coffee and enjoy the ambience. I didn't have the same kind of clothes with me that I wear in Canada though and that is probably why I felt the cold more. The secret is fleece, everyt
  14. Here is a link with pictures, I am sure you can find something cheaper too. The lamps just act to mimic the sunshine.http://www.summertan.com/SADlamps.htm
  15. Wow, Chala, what a horrible way to spend your winter, no wonder you were feeling the blues. I did have a friend who was diagnosed with SAD and she really suffered over the winter months in Vancouver. Her doctor did get her to buy a sun lamp and expose herself to it during the day even for 20 - 30 minutes just to get a boost. She told me that it really helped her and she uses it to this day on a regular daily basis. SAD is just a shortage of vitamin D and sunshine in your life. She also supplemented her Vitamin D intake. Won't help you now but maybe this winter when you are feeling the bl
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