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  1. It depends on the stores and the brands. Generally, I find the quality to be the same as in my native country. Sometimes cheaper, sometimes the same prices. I buy a lot of clothes in Turkey because I want to display my back (almost impossible to find back-focused clothes in my country) and I also want work clothes that are modest yet not boring and old lady like. I guess I buy equally clothes in the two countries. No matter where I buy, I look at functionality and compare prices. I don't buy clothes in the market, as my boyfriend has warned me against it (I buy tops and underwear, but the qual
  2. My boyfriend's family also does this; always come without notice and expeting to sleep over, even for days. They contribute to expenses, though. I have gotten used to it and actually feel warmed by their warmth and thinking of us as a place to come. I never expect them to be any different, so there is little dissapointment although I know none of my family would ever do something like that. I just know it is different and that influences everything. I think it is more of a problem the other way, that I WANT to plan things, so I can look forward to them, while he takes the approach that life wi
  3. I actually wrote a list for my boyfriend what to check. I have done the tests myself, and I ran them through Google translate to make the list of what he needs to check for. And Yes, he was upset at first, but then he understood that I was just being "extra safe" and that I needed that security. And he was happy when he came out clean! I offered to pay for him, as I know it can be expensive, but he insisted on doing it himself and was quite happy when the papers told him he was clean! He is otherwise very much into safer sex, even insisting that his friends will wear condoms with their dates.
  4. I too came to Turkey after a relationship of sorts was over. I was really ready to enjoy myself, and in no way planned to meet somebody (I am not even that much into Turkish men in general - my boyfriend is Arabic-Turkish from a Syrian border town, so he doesn't even look that Turkish). Most of my boyfriends' friends are hard working serious people, and yes they mostly date tourist girls, because they are attracted to them and they can date them in a different manner than a Turkish girl. Of course a lot of them have one night stands and so on, but so does a lot of British or Western people be
  5. This has nothing to do with him being Turkish, as you said his family was apalled that he had hit you. It is not normal for a Turkish man to react to his girlfriend/wife being in touch with their relatives and female friends. I can understand more him being upset over male friends, although I know lots of Turkish men who really don't care because they feel safe and secure that they are loved and will not be petrayed. My own Turkish boyfriend has female friends himself, so of course he doesn't expect me to cut contact with anyone. I know there is a little bit more tention in Turkey with males a
  6. I am from Norway too and my boyfriend Turkish. We were approaching your scenario, but he first finished his Bachelor and then payed himself out of the rest ( 3 year bank loan). I am not sure how the longer military service work, but I have been told that the 6 month military service - that my boyfriend were originally preparing to take - can be taken EITHER as 6 months with a sort of holiday half way, or as 4 1/2 months straight with no vacation or breakes.I understand that the reason he has to work during his holiday from Army is that he is probably almost broke. They don't get payed a lo
  7. There is no ban on any nation to buy property in Turkey.
  8. Food and transportation is cheap in Turkey. Internet doesn't cost that much either. Housing prices (and the price for going out to eat etc.) varies greatly with the area you want to live in. Bigger cities will have higher prices, but so will popular tourist towns... Many places they prefer to rent out furnished flats, or you simply choose one that is furnished. Compare with other flats offered in the area to find the suitable price. If you want to live on a budget in Turkey, I suggest moving somewhere rural, or at least to the smaller cities.
  9. My boyfriend is going to pay himself out of 4 1/2 months of Turkish Army, that is going to cost him 18.000 TRY so he is taking up a loan to do it. And it has to be done before February.
  10. I think you should be ok to ask him to get tested (and definetely insist on using protection) AS LONG as you make a point about being/getting tested yourself. Underline that you are into this together. And do point out that he has to get tested for more than just HIV, otherwise he probably won't know that to test for. If you want to go without barriers at some point, you shoud do it knowing he doesn't have anything. I am SURE he will say that he used protection always and forever, which could even be true, but safer sex is only safer sex and you don't know what the ones he was with could have.
  11. If she doesn't have any proffessional network in the UK, she could try to build one, or apply for jobs from Turkey....
  12. Hi, I hope meeting the family and making plans for the future worked out fine I am a Norwegian girl dating a Turkish guy. He is 27, I am 34. We have dated 15 months, I have been to Turkey a lot during that time. I have met his family and friends. We are currently applying for his visitor visa to stay in Norway for a couple of weeks. I heard that Turkey is getting stricter on long term visas, especially for younger people who don't own property in Turkey. if you are going to stay in Turkey for a full year you will need to marry him first, or get a job. You can't apply for a student
  13. People are serious and unserious everywhere. Girls dating on holiday are not always that serious, they break local guys' hearts too you know. Turkish men can be charming all right, they are often forthcoming in a smooth way and pleasant to be around. They usually expect the same ammount of polite forthcomingness back, which I found troublesome in the beginning but now I am sort of getting the hang of it! I am dating a Turkish guy slightly into the second year. I might have payed "a small fortune" to be with him but it has all been expenses to support our relationship, nothing more. He is a
  14. I take Turkish class where I live, I also make use of Babbel and Turkish Teatime. I try to surrond myself with Turkish music, cartoons, movies etc. and of course talk/write the language. I learnt so much Turkish through Babbel I had not problem coping with 1st Turkish class. I plan to continue to the levels I can take in my city. I find it is imporant to learn through different means.
  15. Is it possable to use this system to get my phone working that still needs to work in another country (with the prescription there)? I am in Turkey 1 week a month, some months 2-3 weeks.
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