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  1. Hi Ken, Thank you for your explanation! I apologise for what I felt like asking the same question essentially twice. I appreciate your understanding and sharing your experiences. This whole site has been really useful and I appreciate everyone who contributes to it! Thanks a bunch!
  2. Thank you Ken for the explanation. Does that mean I'd have to go back to the States for the month or so while the permit is being processed or could staying in the Greek Islands or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus be an option? It sounds like from your explanation and guide that I'd have to submit the information to an embassy or consulate in the States but looking for convenient and affordable options. YabanciGirl - My boss's fiancée is from Trinidad! Glad that you found opportunities eventually in Turkey! I want to thank the both of you for your insight and explanations.
  3. Thank you YabanciGirl and Ken for your comments and encouraging words. I also admit I'm a bit confused as I read some posts say that you need to leave the country to get your work permit, and others saying if you're in the country 6 months you don't need to leave the country. Anyone willing to clarify this? One of my worries is getting a job, but than the employer being unwilling to do the work permit.
  4. Hi everyone this is my 1st post, I've been accepted into a CELTA course this summer at Izmir University of Economics and curious how likely I could expect to find a job once I complete the course at the end of July. My previous education is a Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in Economics. I have not worked as a teacher per se, but my current job at a Wildlife Preserve in the States I have organised and conducted field trips and tours for children and adults. There are no local options for me to earn the CELTA where I live so to me it seemed logical to take the course in Izmir and go from there. Looking for suggestions and advice please.
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