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  1. Hi,Does anyone know the cost of private lessons? Thanks,Jenn
  2. It sounds like the one my father-in-law said, you hang around thieves, you are going to be a thief. It was about my husband smoking and how all his friends smoke. Turkish expression are interesting to say the least, lol. I took two Turkish courses, my teacher taught some Turkish expressions. "I am so hungry, my stomach is ringing" (Çok açım karnım zil çalıyoror). There is another one, it is often used with someone you are upset with and ready to slap them, "Your five friends are coming." I can't remember the exact Turkish translation. My husband was driving on the highway. He got mad at the guy in front of him, he said something like this in Turkish you are driving like you are in the fields. If you want to insult some driving you ask them did you get your driver licence from the butcher?!
  3. Hi TaterTot,My sister-in-law has a beach house in Kuşadası, I would go bar and club hopping with my husband. You could see the difference between tourist women from the local women, and how some of the local men would "chase" after the tourist women. Sometimes I would get embarrassed because of the drunk and loutish behaviour of some of the tourists. I saw two cops half carrying, dragging a guy by his armpits down the bar street one night. This bad behaviour may give other tourists a bad reputation. I was reading a story in an English newspaper and they were discussing the fights, glassing, and drunk behaviour of tourists in a town in Turkey, and they talked about a drunk "fellow" peeing on the local mosque during Ramadan. Often I wonder what the locals think of tourists and foreigners. I was sitting in a cafe with my sister-in-laws and my mother-in-law, tourists were walking by. Once of them said "Jennifer, turistler bak"(look tourists). My husband use to work in a hotel here in Turkey when he was a preteen and teen. Many of the guys that work at resorts: are young, the live in staff housing on site, come from small towns, and they often don't have experience relating to foreigners. He would tell me some interesting stories. Sorry for the essay, just wanted to put some thoughts down. Have great night!
  4. Thanks ladies,I always wear my ring on my left hand when going out, but many morning when it has been cold or damp I wear gloves. My Candian friend who is Mexican, had more issue than I did. She was in Kuşadası, and got harassed. But she always has a smile on her face, I think that's why. I am good for not making eye contact. I think it is a culture adjustment, I lived in Toronto, for three or four years. It is a very large city, so people don't stop or make eye contact. So I am not used to being stared at. YabanciGirl: Lol. I love Turkey, and her people. Such a warm culture, I am always getting hugs, from my sister-in-laws. My mother-in-law told me one day in Turkish, I am her 6th daughter. I almost cried.
  5. A lot of it is men staring. I have got the Turkish cat calls. I had my bum rubbed getting of the Izmir metro. I don't show skin or make eye contact. It may because I am blond, and I have the Canadian tan. Canadian tan-skin that hasn't seen the sun for six months. But it makes me very uncomfortable, I am happy married. I don't like it. I don't do things things to draw people's attention. Thanks.
  6. My most of my Turkish sisters-laws are police officers. A long time ago, one them had her purse on a table when she eating out and someone was watching her. He grabbed her purse and ran. She had most of her jewelry in it. She told me in Turkish don't leave your purse on top of the table or hanging off your chair. Put on your lap. Another common technique used is a woman is walking down the street and they drive beside her. A person leans out the window, grabs the purse, and they drive off. I don't want to alarm anyone, Turkey is a great place. I just want people to be safe. There are few a-holes that want to ruin it for people. Be aware, be safe.
  7. Does anyone have this issue? I am taller female (5'10), even taller in heels . I am a very shy person by nature. I have been finding people stare at me, which makes me very uncomfortable. Growing up I was taught not to stare at people. I don't know if it is a cultural thing, or people are just being rude. I would love to hear people's views.
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