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  1. Thanks Mercer and Saeed! Saeed I will send you a PM as someone told me that you know a lot about schools and residency requirements in Mersin, thanks.... Sam
  2. hehehehe sounds nice idea to me too!!
  3. Thanks edgn,I hope she has a clinic or somethingSam...
  4. Hi,Sorry for the duplicate post... Anyone knows a good medicine Doctor (pediatric) or hospital in Mersin that speaks English? Is there an allergy specialists there? My daughter has asthma and she's getting better there but just in case I need a good Dr to go to in case of any emergency. Please help... Sam...
  5. Thanks to all this was helpful... Sam
  6. Hi Mersin expats,I'm coming to Istanbul on 6th of April then to Mersin on 8th, if you need anything from Abu Dhabi or Dubai let me know, I'll pick it up in my way. Sam
  7. Hi everybody, I'm coming to Turkey soon, the plan is to search for a job or if not available to setup a small company, my questions are: 1. If I setup my own company can I work for it or I must hire a Turk to do the job? What are my responsibilities as an owner and how exactly I can contribute to the growth of my business without being able to work for it?! Noting that the 5 years rule does not apply to me. 2. Does it make any difference if I got a Turk partner? 3. While opening a company, at what stage I can apply for residency permit? After the issuance of the trade license? Or sometime before that? 4. What about my family members? Will they get residence permit automatically with me? 5. What is the probation period for the company to operate if any?
  8. My best friend met his girlfriend over Facebook, well all of us told him to be very careful as usually these relations are not real (for me at least), but he proved all of us wrong, and now he is happily married to this girl and they are having a wonderful live, but i remember that both of them took things really slow because if you have your concerns, he should have the concerns too, right? however you are a mature woman, you know better don't listen to people as you said: good luck Sam...
  9. So if I opened a compny in Turkey I cannot work for my own company? Or yes I can but I should have a work permit?!
  10. hi, I think Mezitli is the best, very lively, close to the see, very nice compounds and the people living there are educated and talented, noisy if you are living at the main road, very calm if you are at the shore side.! Sam...
  11. hi, as an expat in Mersin, your choices are usually limited to the following: 1. Teaching language 2. IT professionals 3. Medical Doctors 4. Translation 5. Tourism I think teaching is a good idea, however there are no international schools in Mersin, but there are some very good Turkish ones that teaches foreign languages ,like TED and ODTU. Sam...
  12. hey, i will be there in April, it is not easy to find English speaking people in Mersin, however you will find a lot from this forum Sam...
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