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    Kültür Café has only been open for about a month offering a snack and main meal menu and - this is the difference - a colourful and attractive indoor play area for young children in a safe and enclosed space. We took three ‘experts’ there recently – three of our grandchildren who were visiting us here in Çeşme aged eight, five and two! They loved the place and it was difficult to persuade them to leave It is open throughout the day from 8 a.m. with breakfast, grills, pasta, salads, burgers, toasted sandwiches, wraps and desserts and, of course a children’s menu, and plans are in hand to organise birthday parties in the future. There is trampoline, climbing frame, ball pit, painting, Lego-style building bricks and coloured sand art, while the outdoor terrace caters to parents (and grandparents!) who want to relax and have a quiet meal or just a tea, coffee, hot chocolate or a cold drink (maybe a Smoothie?) while the children enjoy themselves. The bathrooms are spotless and young daughter can sit next to Mum on her own small toilet. A novel idea which should appeal to Mums. The owner, Ayşe, who speaks fluent English and Turkish, and staff are welcoming and friendly with unlimited patience to help children when necessary with the various activities. The Cafe offers a great opportunity to keep young children amused on a non-beach day. Our grandchildren certainly gave the place full marks! It's located on the main road into Çeşme directly opposite Carrefour Expres (not the branch near the Marina). Here are some photographs:
  2. The World Travel Awards are considered the 'Oscars' of the travel world and Turkey gained the greatest number of awards among all tourism nations by walking off with top honours at a ceremony hosted at the new Conrad Algarve on Saturday 6th October. The Turkish Ministry of Tourism was given the award "Best Tourism Board in Europe" and İzmir "The Best Cruise Destination of Europe" award. Also, joining WTA, TripAdvisor travellers voted for the Zeugma Mosaic Museum at Gaziantep as the "Perfection in Museums for 2012" Award. Here is what WTA says about the awards: "Turkey's ascendancy up the tourism order was acknowledged with The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism named “Europe's Leading Tourist Board”. The nation's leading-edge hotels also scooped a series of individual awards, including “Europe's Leading Luxury Hotel” (Mardan Palace), “Europe's Leading Luxury Resort” (Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa) and “Europe's Leading New Luxury Hotel” (Angel's Peninsula)."Finally the well-respected "Food and Travel Magazine” readers have chosen Istanbul as the "Destination of the Year for 2012".
  3. This afternoon, I accompanied two friends to the SGK office in connection with over-payment on their account. They had full details of payments due and copies of all bank transactions, During my 15 years in Turkey I have never met such an uncooperative, blatantly rude and totally obstructive official. When this ‘lady’ could see we weren’t satisfied with her responses, she went into overdrive in machine gun Turkish (I struggle with snail-pace Turkish!) and when I had the effrontery to try to interrupt her politely, simply to slow her down, she held her hand up,.palm facing me, to quieten me down. I made three attempts at this with the same response. She then went to Google Translate on her Computer and the first words of her sentence read (her capitals) “NO MORE LIES”. On two occasions, in the past 15 years, I have met with Turkish authority’s ‘brick walls’. The first some years concerning the serious illness of the daughter of a friend of ours and a letter to Mr Erdoğan resulted in his office’s early intervention. The second occasion, less serious, but nonetheless frustrating resulted in Türk Telekom delivering a telegraph pole and cable (the old one was in danger of garrotting me!) within one hour of my email (with photographic attachments) to their Head Office in Ankara. SGK have not heard the last of me, I can tell you!
  4. So there we were, just about to leave our favourite store, BİM, the one close to the road leading to the Otoyol (we have three branches now you know), when a tour bus arrived. Out poured at least 20 excited foreign tourists jostling with each other, presumably anxious to be first to witness the architecture, internal design, special offers and to wander round this spectacular emporium - or maybe to queue up for an audio guide. They all looked so happy to be there. Next stop Ephesus? Hope they aren’t disappointed.
  5. With effect from 15th April, some museums have raised their entrance fees, including: Topkapi palace: 25 TL (Entrance to the Harem remains the same at 15TL) Hagia Sophia: 25 TL Ephesus: 25 TL Most other ticket prices are unchanged and the full list for 2012 is DEAD LINK.
  6. On Sunday I travelled down from İstanbul with Pegasus Airlines. If you haven't seen it before, you will enjoy their in-flight Safety Instructions video:
  7. Commencing 16th March, 2012, Jet2 will be operating flights from Manchester to İstanbul’s Atatürk Aiport on Tuesday and Friday each week. Prices start at £71.99 one-way including taxes (but not hold luggage!).
  8. Despite our Turkish neighbours telling us summer was over several weeks ago, we have been enjoying a few hours at our favourite spot on our favourite beach most afternoons. We think we are so lucky to have such a lovely, quiet cove just 3kms from our house for quiet relaxation and snorkelling at this time of year. Here are a couple of photographs taken yesterday: Base Camp dande Sun lounger for Ms dande, chair for Grandad dande! View from Base Camp dande
  9. On a recent five day trip from
  10. As a result of work being carried out in our village by
  11. ciftlikkoy13

    I'm Back!

    Just when you thought it was safe . . . I
  12. An interesting article in this week's 'Economist' entitled "A Muslim democracy in action". Read the full article here.
  13. Yes, many thanks Bushman for all your efforts. Everything working perfectly now. We are really pleased to have this Proxy and use it regularly. The days of endless BBC repeats on Diguturk are almost forgotten! Now we can chhose what to watch, when want to watch it.
  14. Spoke to Bushman last evening and he was looking into the problem then. Obviously not an easy problem to solve as I still cannot connect to the Proxy.
  15. Following a holiday in this area, one of my fellow Destination Experts on tripadvisor posted the following on the
  16. Me, too, Abi. Haven't been there either!
  17. Bursa, is a wonderful but overlooked gem that was the birthplace of the Ottoman empire, and gave Turkey, and the world, the Iskender kebab.Bursa
  18. These travellers' pictures are the result of photography tours in Antalya over the last four years. Tourists are taken off the beaten track to meet local people and capture images of 'real' Turkey. Great shots!Images of Turkey
  19. Round the clock shopping comes to
  20. Tho following article is reproduced here (I'm sure they won't mind) from AntalyaExpats.com It is written by their resident lawyer. Not my capitals! "The Turkish government has aimed to established an address-based population registration system which is called KPS (Kimlik Paylaşım Sistemi- Identity Sharing System) Pursuant to this aim, the government has published a public mandate and legislation which have had an impact on the practice of vehicle registration whoever wants to buy or sell vehicles in Turkey. Before the legislation come into force, the vendor and the buyer would state their addresses in the purchase agreement and the public notary would proceed accordingly. However, after 01.05.2010 due to the amendments, the notary is obliged its proceeding to base on the address of the parties on the KPS system not the ones in the purchase contract. This consequently effected non-Turkish citizen differently than it effected the Turkish citizens. Non Turkish citizens who hold residence permit for at least 6 months will have A REGİSTRATİON ON THE KPS SYTEM. So, the problem arises if the non-Turkish citizens do not hold residence permit for at least 6 month. if THE NON-TURKİSH PARTY DO NOT HOLD A RESİDENCE PERMİT FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS BUT HOLD A RESİDENCE PERMİT FOR LESS THAN 6 MONTHS, THEN THE NOTARY PROCEED TO BASE ON THE ADDRESS İN THE RESİDENCE PERMİT OF THE PERSON. The question still remains with those who hold tourist visa. THE NOTERY İS PROCEED BASED ON THE ADDRESS STATEMENT OF THE NON-TURKİSH PARTY. The info I have given above is actually written on the web site of notaries here I am sorry to say that unfortunately as this is a quite new application of law, some notaries has not grasped the application of law but THE LAW DO NOT REQUİRE A PARTY TO HOLD A RESİDENCY PERMİT!!!!! I suggest that the people who have problems because they do not have address at the KPS system GO TO THE CİVİL REGİSTERY AND GET A TEMPRORAY IDENTİFİCATİON NUMBER AND GET REGİSTERED THEİR ADDRESS AT KPS SYSTEM." Never known the interpretation of legislation here to be surrounded by confusion before!
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    Agamemnon, I really wish you had posted your rather pessimistic view of our town much earlier. It appears Camper & Nicholdson, who have been building marinas since 1782, have got it so wrong now. The new marina development will include a waterfront arcade, designed by Atelier Xavier Bohl, of Port Grimaud, St Tropez renown, and is due to open very soon. All facilities and services will be of the very highest quality, just as you would expect from a partnership between the internationally renowned Camper & Nicholson’s Marinas and one of Turkey’s leading investment companies, IC Holding. Together these two companies are turning
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    Heaven forbid! Yes, eases things a bit in
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    I am sorry you objected to the tone and content of my post which you considered in part to be in bad taste. Unfortunately, you missed the point that it was a failed, but well-intentioned attempt to highlight misconceptions of both locations, including
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    We'd love you to visit this part of Turkey. Lucid. But don't 'buzz' too loud! sunny lives close to the Ayayorgi clubs and mimosa very close! Come to think of it, we're only three miles away!
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