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  1. Thanks for confirming - for Turkcell.If anyone also knows this for Avea, please let me know.
  2. Does anyone know if there is any cost for "receiving" SMS, when keeping the phone with Turkcell SIM switched on outside Turkey?Most mobile carriers worldwide allow absolutely free incoming SMS when on international roaming. Of course, there is cost for sending SMS, but receiving is never charged for.Not sure about Turkcell and Avea, in particular (as even their websites are not clear enough on tariffs).Anyone took a Turkish SIM abroad and incurred cost for receiving SMS on it?
  3. Thanks everyone. An important question for me:When applying for 6-month residence permit, does it have to be hotel reservation for the entire 6 months, or simply a letter saying I have reservation for the next 7 days (for example) should work.One residence permit attorney told me that simply a reservation should work, regardless of the reservation period, but I am still not very sure, because don't want to take chances.I have other ends all covered, such as showing at least USD 500 in the bank account for each of the 6 months, total over USD 3,000.Please reply soon, as I am heading to Istanbul in a few days.Thank you.
  4. Thank you. One more question:After submitting application in person for the residence permit, is it possible to leave the country (on a tourist visa that is still valid) and enter again on a tourist visa? And then going in to collect the residence permit when it is ready.I hope the airport officials won't object that I am going and coming back on tourist visas, while residence permit application is in process?
  5. Hi Ken, thank you for your answers.Based on your responses:1. What I meant was I will be living near Taksim square. So is it that I MUST go to police station that caters Taksim square, or I can go to a police station anywhere in the entire city of Istanbul - wherever the earliest appointment is available?2. When you say a policeman will visit to verify I am living at the address, what happens if instead of rent agreement or hotel reservation, I opt for the third option, which is to have a notarized letter from a Turkish citizen guaranteeing to look after my need when I am there. Do they visit in that case too? If yes, do I have to physically meet them or they just saying he lives here is sufficient?3. Can I leave Turkey and re-enter Turkey any number of times after grant of residence permit?4. When you say that an identity number will be assigned after residence permit, is it more of a Turkish photo identity card for foreigners? Is it valid just for duration of stay or has long term expiration dates?Yes, I hope someone else here who knows Turkish can translate that for us (the lines that I put from their official website in my point #1).Thanks.
  6. I have a few questions regarding residence permits and will appreciate clear answers to the following: 1. My tourist visa is not for typical 90 days, but simply a 30-day visa on arrival. When making an online appointment (for residence permit) within 30 days of arrival in Istanbul, do I have to be careful about which police station I select? Or regardless of where I reside in Istanbul, I can select appointment at any station (throughout Istanbul) where the earliest date is available? I am asking because if I am living in a hotel near Taksim Square, the best date available at the nearest police station is about 6 weeks away. But if I can go to any station (and not just the one closest to Taksim), the police station about 35km away, on edge of the city, has even next day appointments available.On e-appointment website, it says in Turkish: İlk müracaat işlemleri Şube Müdürlüğümüzde yapılmakta olup, İlçe Yabancılar Büro Amirliklerinde ilk müracaat işlemleri yapılmamaktadır. What does it mean? 2. For showing USD 500 per month in a Turkish bank account, can I have a Turkish bank account on just a tourist visa (i.e. before even having the residence permit)? If yes, which bank would have English speakers, and has good online banking in English? I believe I will need a tax number which I am sure will not be a problem. Is this account in USD, or they open Lira account too? 3. Will bank require proof of address? If yes, will they accept foreign country's utility bill? As a tourist and just days after arriving in Turkey, it would obviously be difficult to have proof of 'local' address. 4. Can I apply residence permit for just 3 months, even though I have just read of 6 months or 1 year permits on these forums? 5. When they ask for a hotel booking or notarized rent agreement for duration of residence permit, how to get a non-binding rent agreement for an apartment? I mean: immediately after getting the permit, I might have to be away from Turkey for a few weeks, and so committing to a lease and continuing to pay rent in absence also, will be paying money for nothing. 6. Lastly, though not related to residence permit, I believe we have to pay 115 TL tax to register our foreign cell phone after getting a Turkish SIM. But, if we buy local Turkish phone (new phone at a local store in Turkey) and local SIM, do we have to pay tax and register our phone IMEI in that case too?
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