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    Hey guys! Well, I was wondering if anyone here in Mersin has some camping gere I could borrow for the weekend ? A tent and maybe a camping backpack and a mattress? Would super super appreciate it! Any item will do, and I will make sure to take good care of it. Elaborative note: if anyone is interested , a CS group are organizng a camping trip this weekend in Lemas Kanyonu. Anyone is welcome to join. Thanks Rouch
  2. Helo Mohammad, Sorry for my late reply. Yes I am interested still. I will email you and we can discuss how and how much
  3. Hello Edgen, and thanks, Actually I have checked the university cousrse and contacted them, but the fees are too high for me. I want to check if there will be anything cheaper than this. If you are of aquaitance of where I can find Language centers please do share I will keep the online search.
  4. Hello all! Does anyone know a palce where I can learn Turkish here? Any language centers? I don't want any online classes to be honest. I appreciate your help!
  5. Actually not so much to be honest. lol The work is so tedious- given that we are only three people in the office, and people here (the ones around me atleast) are very boring. No one wants to do anything. But yea,,anyway.
  6. Hi Ster, I am working in a construction company as market research and sales. I will stay here until August.
  7. Hello there, I am Rouch, 24, and just moved to Mersin for an internshio in a construction company. I still don't know many people and sure have not met any expat YET. Would love to meet you guys . Anyone up for a coffee/dinner/beer/etc etc this weekend? Let's meet up in forum or something (open for suggestions) Let me know Cheers
  8. Hi Esther, I have been working in Mersin since Feb 26th. I cam here tthrough an organization called AIESEC for a short term internship. I can ask around for you from my network. But teacher sounds a reasonable thing to do here at first. I think many students would want to learn a different language here. Cheers and good luck.
  9. Hey there, I am an expat staying here for 6 months. Just moved here almost 10 days ago. Would love to meet new people, who actually speak English! Hit me up
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