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  1. Yes you are right YabanciGirl in London but there are not many of them in the south west and the surrounding areas.
  2. Oh yes we get the same problem in the UK , I used to say the same thing ; all i want is a haircut . British barbers are not so good in my opinion Turkish men generally dont really like their style and the way they cut. They dont wash our hair because there is no tap and a sink and no treatment , they finish within 5 minutes then next please . ( I am talking about typical British barbers not Unisex hair dressers or Ladies hair dressers) I always try to find a Turkish barber if not an Italian barber would do, i think Turkish barbers are the best. Maybe you should try to find a British barber . By the way it is sıhhatler olsun not saatler Good luck with your search.
  3. Hi conan198903, in my opinion you should not risk it , just tell him you miscalculated a few things and you dont have enough funds to stay out of this situation. Don`t worry If he's truly your friend, i mean a really close friend, he'll understand you and it will not ruin your friendship.
  4. It is victory day again . Gird your loins sharpen your steel,you will be tested ! Let the celebrations begin. Kutlu Olsun.
  5. Hello Princesshannie, As you know World Bridge used to deal with UK visa applications bu UK government changed it . A company called Teleperformance is accepting UK visa applications in Turkey. Official website is : DEAD LINK Teleperformance says that ; If you have documents that are not in English or Welsh, you need to provide a full translation that can be independently verified by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). If you check the related link , you will see everything: DEAD LINK I hope it helps. Send my regards to your husband.
  6. Who`ll come a waltzing Matilda with me ?

  7. Hello YabanciGirl this one is my favourite London lovely city
  8. Did you really read what i pasted from the consular website ? You are well past that then you must have seen If notification is made after 60 days since the birth, an administrative penalty charge will be applied along with a transaction fee. I dont know how much it will be over the years so i would do it as soon as possible. Second question is this you havent seen him for a long time he is a ghost basically . Who is gonna acknowledge paternity at the embassy ? he should be present there in order to register children . What about his signature? who is gonna sign the documents?The father of a child born out of lawful wedlock can acknowledge the parentage through an application to the registry office, court, notary or Embassy/Consulate General for a statutory declaration of acknowledgement of paternityThat is why i suggested you should contact the nearest Turkish embassy to find out if you could register your children with the documents that belong to him you have. Good luck
  9. Hello foreignmother232 ,Here is a link for you related to birth and registration process. This is consular website of the republic of TurkeyWebsite is a bit slow at times so i pasted the info just in case you cant open.(if you want to get detailed info just call the nearest embassy i am sure there is someone speaking english)http://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/gb/en/Evlilik_disi_dogan_cocugun_dogum_tescili.aspxThe parentage of the mother is established the by birth of the child. The parentage of the father is established by marriage to the mother, acknowledgment of parentage or by a court issue. If the parents marry each other after the birth of their child, then the child will automatically be subject to the same rules applied to children born within a marriage. Children born out of lawful wedlock are registered on the mother’s family records with the mother’s maiden name. The father of a child born out of lawful wedlock can acknowledge the parentage through an application to the registry office, court, notary or Embassy/Consulate General for a statutory declaration of acknowledgement of paternity, or through his will (testament). After the acknowledgment of paternity, the child’s registration with the mother’s maiden name on the mother’s records is transferred to the father’s records with the father’s last name. In other words, if the paternity is acknowledged through official documentation, the child takes the father’s last name. If a child is born within 300 days of the legal termination of the marriage, he/she will be regarded as born within marriage. In other words, the husband divorced by the mother will be presumed as the father if the child is born within 300 days of the legal termination of the marriage. The divorced husband can open a court case to deny paternity and annul his paternity. The child takes the mother’s last name if the parents are not married. However, if the mother has two last names due to an earlier marriage, the child takes the mother’s maiden name. It is sufficient for the mother to file a registration application for a child born out of lawful wedlock. According to the relevant Turkish legislation, if a child is born abroad, notification must be made to the Embassy/Consulate General for the area in which the child was born, no later than 60 days after the birth. If notification is made within the first 60 days, the family will not be charged for an ID card for the child. If notification is made after 60 days since the birth, an administrative penalty charge will be applied along with a transaction fee. In principle, registration of a newborn can be completed through the nearest Embassy/Consulate General. In extraordinary circumstances, it is possible for the parents or their legal representatives to register the child by producing the international birth certificate at the registry Turkish office in which the parents are registered. Please note that names with letters “w,q,x” are not accepted as these letters do not exist in the Turkish alphabet. Turkish nationals married to foreign nationals can give two or more names to their child providing that one of the names is Turkish and another is foreign. If only a foreign name is given, the registry office has the responsibility to remind the family of this rule and to notify the Public Prosecutor’s Office if their advice is not taken. If either parent wishes to include the child on their passport, the other parent must be present when this application is made, or must provide a letter of consent giving approval to this child being included on the other parent’s passport (this must be approved by a local notary). If your child has acquired the citizenship at birth of the country he/she was born in the territories of, please read the “REGISTERING MULTIPLE CITIZENSHIP OF A MINOR” under “Consular Services – Citizenship” to register this situation. After the child’s registration process is completed in Turkey, and if the birth notification is made within the first 60 days, then the child’s ID card will be sent to your address by the Consulate General by recorded delivery providing that a reliable postal system is in place within that country. However, if the notification is not made within the legal time frame, the Consulate General will send you a letter to confirm that the registration process is complete and guidance documentation to help you apply for an ID card.
  10. Hello boys and girls, Thank you for your ideas and suggestions about Gibraltar. After long searching process settling in Gibraltar didn't seem a feasible thing. Perhaps someday in the future I might visit the place. I decided to come back to my home town Istanbul . So you guys living in Istanbul or anywhere in Turkey , we might meet up and have a couple of drinks someday why not ? Thank you for your ideas once again.
  11. Hello nasibMK , I think you should contact Council of Higher Education of Turkey ( Yükseköğretim Kurulu in Turkish ) because this organisation deals with Universities . And its website is : http://www.yok.gov.tr/ I hope it helps. Good luck .
  12. Hello folks, I posted this topic hoping to meet people living in Gibraltar. I would like to move to Gibraltar. I have been searching and watching documentaries about the place. I think it is such a nice place and people lead kind of Australian life style ( Blue sky , sun and sea , surfing and outdoors)and it is British soil in the sun. I am a bit bored with grey , dull and rainy weather here. I have dual citizenship . I am a proud British and Turkish so Gibraltar is my soil. If and when I go , i am sure i will be the first Turkish-British in Gibraltar ( I checked online communities but i could not see any Turkish-British) So Guys is there anybody living in Gibraltar ? or planning to settle there? Please share your opinions under this topic . I will be very happy to hear your comments.
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