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  1. Yes you are right YabanciGirl in London but there are not many of them in the south west and the surrounding areas.
  2. Oh yes we get the same problem in the UK , I used to say the same thing ; all i want is a haircut . British barbers are not so good in my opinion Turkish men generally dont really like their style and the way they cut. They dont wash our hair because there is no tap and a sink and no treatment , they finish within 5 minutes then next please . ( I am talking about typical British barbers not Unisex hair dressers or Ladies hair dressers) I always try to find a Turkish barber if not an Italian barber would do, i think Turkish barbers are the best. Maybe you should try to find a British barber .
  3. Hi conan198903, in my opinion you should not risk it , just tell him you miscalculated a few things and you dont have enough funds to stay out of this situation. Don`t worry If he's truly your friend, i mean a really close friend, he'll understand you and it will not ruin your friendship.
  4. You should download and fill them out from the website . They are : Tebliğ Belgesi ve Taahhütname Yabancı Ülkelerde Bulunan Yükümlülerin Erteleme Belgesi
  5. Hello Murat bro, check it out http://konsolosluk.gov.tr/ choose Norway then click Islemler and Askerlik and Erteleme başvurusu – İlk erteleme (Oturma veya Çalışma İznine Sahip Olanlar) there are 2 links for the forms and everything is written on the page. If you get confused call 00 90 312 292 29 29 . This is the 24/7 number, I needed to call this number for different reasons, they were very helpful. They will put you through to the military department. When you send the necessary documents they will postpone your military service and you will receive a document indicating that your
  6. It is victory day again . Gird your loins sharpen your steel,you will be tested ! Let the celebrations begin. Kutlu Olsun.
  7. Hello Princesshannie, As you know World Bridge used to deal with UK visa applications bu UK government changed it . A company called Teleperformance is accepting UK visa applications in Turkey.Official website is : DEAD LINK Teleperformance says that ; If you have documents that are not in English or Welsh, you need to provide a full translation that can be independently verified by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). If you check the related link , you will see everything: DEAD LINK I hope it helps. Send my regards to your husband.
  8. Who`ll come a waltzing Matilda with me ?

  9. Hi mate, Since your partner is Portuguese and lives in the UK (considered European Economic Area national) the type of visa you need is EEA family permit. I pasted the related link below. Get some help to understand everything or ask your partner to find an immigration advisor. If you get a UK general visitor visa, you can`t change your visa status or register your marriage/partnership in the UK . You will have to leave the country and apply for EEA family permit in another country . General Visitor visa link ; https://www.gov.uk/general-visit-visa EEA Family permit link ; https://www.gov.uk/
  10. Hello YabanciGirl this one is my favourite London lovely city
  11. Did you really read what i pasted from the consular website ?You are well past that then you must have seen If notification is made after 60 days since the birth, an administrative penalty charge will be applied along with a transaction fee. I dont know how much it will be over the years so i would do it as soon as possible.Second question is this you havent seen him for a long time he is a ghost basically . Who is gonna acknowledge paternity at the embassy ? he should be present there in order to register children . What about his signature? who is gonna sign the documents?The father of a chi
  12. Hello foreignmother232 ,Here is a link for you related to birth and registration process. This is consular website of the republic of TurkeyWebsite is a bit slow at times so i pasted the info just in case you cant open.(if you want to get detailed info just call the nearest embassy i am sure there is someone speaking english)http://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/gb/en/Evlilik_disi_dogan_cocugun_dogum_tescili.aspxThe parentage of the mother is established the by birth of the child. The parentage of the father is established by marriage to the mother, acknowledgment of parentage or by a court issue. If
  13. Hello ladies and gentlemen geçmiş olsun,Financial criteria (Minimun income threshold) for people who would like to bring their non-eu spouses to the UK remains the same £18.600 No money no honeyOyez,Oyez,Oyez Court hearing : On 11 July 2014 the Court of Appeal upheld the lawfulness of the minimum incomethreshold for spouses/partners and children applying in the family route.UK government Immigration department links are as belowhttps://www.gov.uk/government/news/home-office-wins-judgment-on-minimum-income-thresholdhttps://www.gov.uk/government/publications/minimum-income-threshold-information-
  14. littlecrescent we call all our soldiers Mehmet and we love all Mehmets they serve our country without getting apay , well they get paid but not much for their basic needs.Watch the clip, brief story of a Mehmet from the day they arrive. Bless our Mehmets
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