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  1. Does anyone know if the SAT exam is offered in Antalya? I know the ACT is offered, but we need the other test for the US University she's applying to. Daughter's going to be a high school senior next year, and so we need to sort out testing. Thanks.
  2. That's excellent! Thanks Ken. We arrive mid-Jan, so we will have to connect. Appreciate all your help.
  3. Another topic regarding moving to Turkey. We don't want to ship our old computer via freight, and so will be looking to purchase a new one via the exchange online option. It will get delivered to the Exchange in Izmir or Ankara, and we would then pick it up. So the question: 1) Has anyone used the mail order exchange service (pickup at the store)? How did it work? 2) Do we pay customs/duties on items purchased at the exchange? 3) If we do pay customs/duties, how does that process work? Any other thoughts? Thanks for any advice!
  4. We're are trying to figure out how to move our stuff over to Turkey. One idea we have is to ship some things such as some clothes, a few boxes of kitchen items (pots & pans, etc...) and of course, our all important vinyl LP collection... to an APO in Izmir. That said, I have a few questions: 1) Are retirees still eligible for an APO mailbox? 2) If so, how does one get an APO mailbox in Izmir? Is this something I can do before leaving the USA? 3) Has anyone ever shipped packages to it? 4) What is the largest packages you ever shipped? 5) Do we pay customs/duties on us
  5. Our family is moving to Antalya in mid-January, and we are interested in living near the city centre. We need to identify short-term accommodation (i.e. - hotel, pension, furnished flat, etc...) while we sort longer term living arrangements and await the arrival of our household goods. Will of course also be needing to identify long term rental property. Any assistance, referrals or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I corresponded last night with Mr. Georg L. Main, General Manager, Turkey Consolidated Exchange regarding this issue... here is his response: So there you go... I didn't ask, but I wonder how they handle taxes. In other countries, retirees have limited on base shopping privileges, but they still have to pay duties on what they buy for private use... usually once they spend a certain amount or greater. I am sure that everyone's mileage may vary regards use of these facilities until it becomes common practice. If anyone tries it out, please let us know.
  7. This will be fantastic if valid. Has anyone attempted to shop? BX & Commissary websites do not currently reflect this change. Looking forward to your report from Izmir. http://www.shopmyexchange.com/exchangestores/patronsmerchandise/patrons.htm http://www.commissaries.com/documents/contact_deca/faqs/authorized_shopping_outside_us.cfm
  8. Hello All, I am retiring from the military and my family is relocating to Turkey... I wanted to open a topic on Tricare to begin compiling information for others who might be interested. So here are some questions I have been trying to address, and the answers I have found thus far (Thanks to Ken who provided much of this info)... if you have better or more recent info, please add to the conversation: Q1: What kind of TRICARE is available to military retirees in Turkey? A1: Retirees are eligible for Tricare Standard Overseas (see http://www.tricare.mil/Plans/HealthPlans/TSO.aspx).
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