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  1. Thanks everyone, I feel a little less overwhelmed now. Natalie, that sounds like what we are after really. Do u mind me asking what kind of costs we are looking at for everything and how long did it take from start to finish. We are over there next month for a couple of weeks but then maybe not back over again till late summer.
  2. Thanks for the replies, we've had a lot on our plate over the last few months so I've not been on here. Basically, we haven't done anything other than give the guy our money and he has given us the keys Tapu and other paperwork. He initially said he was trying to sort out a solicitor over here who who would advise him but despite our mythering nothing has transpired. I'm getting the feeling he is just happy he no longer has the property (however he is and has been v ill) We are due to go over next month, are we better trying to get a lawyer when we get over there. the apartment is in
  3. Hi, Hope someone can advise us on here. Last year a good friend of ours who has an apartment in Didim contacted us to say that he was ill and he was thinking of selling his apartment, did we know anyone who would be interested. Myself and husband decided to buy it off him. We transferred money to him and agreed to split any legal fees. Apparently the last time he was over in Turkey and enquired about selling/transferring, someone told him to just give us power of attorney and when we go over there just take that with the Tapu etc. We realised last year its nowhere near
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