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  1. So I am an Irish citizen who moved to the UK 9 months ago to live. I met my Turkish fiance in Ireland at University. He had a study visa for Ireland and worked for a few months after studying. I then moved to the UK and he applied for a 6 month visitor visa and was successful in obtaining it. We lived together for those 6 months in the UK but then it expired and he had to return to Turkey. So now we are engaged and are thinking of getting married in 3 or 4 months in Turkey then applying for the EEA Family Permit so he can join me in the UK. I just need some information about the EEA visa; - Does anyone have experience of using the EEA visa? - Do I need to be earning a certain amount to sponsor my future husband on the EEA visa? - What evidence do they look for? Any advice or information would be great, Thanks
  2. Hi im new to this so dont know if this is the right place to post this question. If it is the wrong one then could you please point me to a forum dealing with irish turkish relationships. Well basically im an irish girl and recently met a turkish man in Ireland while he was studying english here. We slept together quickly and started talking and now we really like each other. He went back to Istanbul but we are in contact every day. He is 23 and i am 24. I really like him and he's always saying how much he likes me and wants to be together forever. I spoke to him about the bad things i hear about turkish men such as abusive and possessive and seems very open minded. I also have a child and is fine with this and always asks about her. My question is... Do these long distance relationships work with turkish and Irish? Any advice for me?? Are turkish men usually so forward?? Thanks xx
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