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  1. Hello Kate, I am also an English teacher. I have heard that Özel Eğe Lisesi in Izmir is looking for teachers. It is a K-12 private school - you didn't mention if you are interested in teaching young people. You can pm me if you would like more details. I am leaving for Turkey on Monday, so I may not be able to answer you promptly, but I will get back to you as soon as I can. Hoşca kal, Nur
  2. Rouch, I sent you a pm. You should not have to be bored in Turkey!
  3. Hello Susan, and welcome to the forum! I am sorry that I cannot answer your question, but there are many members in Izmir and I am sure someone can help you. I also was born in an American hospital in Turkey. It is always interesting to see places from your past. In my case, the house that my mother lived in the year I was born is still standing in spite of an earthquake taking down everything around it. I have a photograph of my mother holding me in front of that house and now I have a photo of my daughter and I in that same spot. The doorway actually looks just the same! I hope you find the places you want to see - and iyi yolculuklar! (Have a good trip!) Nur (I have both Turkish and American names.)
  4. Hello canadian, and welcome to the forum. I am also quite tall, I am a bit shy, and I experience the same thing. Turkish people are generally polite and friendly, and they are curious about foreigners. Someone whose clothing is unique, who is quite tall, or who has a distinctive hairstyle draws attention quickly. I would not consider staring as a negative thing unless someone speaks or acts inappropriately toward you. I hope you enjoy your time in Turkey. Ellen
  5. It is great to see someone offering to help members in Mersin - çok tşklr Emrah. I will be moving to Mersin in May. Perhaps we can arrange a meet up of members once I am settled. Görüşürüz, Nur
  6. Ellen9

    Mersin Meets up !

    Because I am an English teacher, I feel obligated to correct the mistake in my previous hasty post: "I know that I would if I were there now." (For any ESL readers - we often use "would if I was" in spoken American English, but it is informal and not generally used in writing.)
  7. Jane is that as in 'gaggle of geese'? We used to have two geese that we enjoyed a lot, but everyone described them as greedy and gripy (they liked to pinch visitors) - but I am sure your group is NOT! I am looking forward to joining the gaggle - still aiming for May.
  8. Hello Ster and welcome to Turkey Central. I just discovered this forum recently, and it is the most helpful forum I have found. I am not in Mersin yet, but I am planning to move there in May. I do not know about the prospects for teaching French, but perhaps someone on this forum will be able to advise you. As far as being a nanny, from what I understand you could have some difficulty getting a work permit because it is a job that a Turkish citizen can do. Maybe you can be hired as a native French teacher/nanny? Good luck with your upcoming move, Ellen
  9. Thank you for your reply Anna. I sent you a pm. Görüşürüz, Ellen
  10. Ellen9

    Mersin Meets up !

    Saed, I think that people would like to meet up, but often they are waiting for someone to organize and announce an event to bring them together. If you suggest a time and place, I think other TC members in Mersin would come. I know that I would if I was there now.
  11. Hmmm, maybe my post was too specific/complicated? Several members in Mersin have already sent me information about where they live, and it was extremely helpful. Anyone else? How about answering a brief question: do you like the neighborhood you are currently living in?
  12. Glad you were able to find it easily. I'm not sure - I've seen it written both ways, but 'sahlep' is the spelling most familiar to me. Tenha um bom dia!
  13. Glad you enjoyed it! Was it difficult to find the sahlep powder?
  14. 1 tsp salep powder, 2 teaspoons sugar, 1 and 1/2 cups milk, pinch of cinnamon Mix the salep and sugar into cold milk. Bring to a boil gently while whisking. Boil about 15 minutes - keep whisking. Serve with a bit more cinnamon sprinkled on top. I hope you enjoy it edubongo! Btw - salep powder is made from the root of an orchid. It is expensive because it requires a lot of tubers to make it.
  15. I am interested in learning about the neighborhoods where forum members are living in Mersin. Will you please share about your preferred neighborhood: nearby attractions/amenities, diversity of tenants, transportation, traffic, noise level, parks, proximity to walks by the sea...
  16. Ellen9

    Hello there!

    Hoş geldiniz Basak. I am new to this forum as well, and I have found the members to be extremely helpful. I am planning to move to Mersin in May, inşAllah, with my 10 year old son (well, he will be 11 by then). I am an English teacher. It is always helpful to meet people before arriving in a new place. I am sure I will have many questions! Görüşürüz, Ellen
  17. Saed, I will definitely take you up on that offer if it still stands by the time I get there! Welcome Snd, I am new here also, but I have already found the members to be extremely helpful.
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