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  1. Merhaba! I had a great time during my 2 months stay. I was there 2April thru 2June. Language barrier is really the challenge as English is not widely-spoken so I advise you to install google translator app on your mobile. I was able to converse with the locals using that and I even made friends especially to the people who worked at the grocery I frequent to at Cudiefendi Sokak in Ortakoy. Turkish men are generally respectful to women. When I' m alone crossing the street, they would atop the car and let me pass but when I'm with my bf, they don't do that. Haha.Its not dangerous to walk alone during daytime until early evening, but I'm sure its different when its late and few people are up and about. As it would in any countries. People won't hurt you but they will trick you to pay more especially in touristic places like Eminonu etc. So beware. I hope you will have a great time, I'm sure you will! I miss Turkey like its my own country! The people, the food and the sights. I'll see you again soon Turkey!
  2. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I hope this helps. I arrived in Istanbul last April 2, 2014 as a tourist with a 15day visa. I set an appointment with the immigration police 2days after i arrived, my appointment date was set June26. Unfortunately, I had to go back home(Philippines) in June, duty calls. Went back to the same immigration police but I was informed they can't do anything about it now since all applications are now being forwarded to Ankara. They can't even qoute how much I should pay for the penalty. So the day of my flight, I had butterflies in my stomach as I'm thinking I will pay a huge amount but they only charged me 123 TL! I was expecting 500. Only immigration police at the airport can tell you how much is the fine but its better to be prepared than not. Don't worry, they are nice people and very helpful. My advise is to go there 3 hours before your flight as you might experience queues. Will be back again in Istanbul for good in December. I miss the lamb kebap & ayran. Good luck!
  3. Thanks! Experienced nightlife in Taksim, it was wild, fun, interesting, loud and I had a great time! Stayed in a cafe hidden below of a building, name of the cafe translated in English: Cafe by the lemon trees. Jogged near the harbor, apartment I'm staying is just 3 blocks away! Been tricked by the ice cream man when I bought one! He was the best! I nearly had a heart attack when he did it the first time, pretending to drop the ice cream cone then turn it around then did it again different ways! Walked from Ortakoy to Besiktas and had a traditional breakfast at one of the cafe's there. On the walk way back home, had a chance to see the tulip gardens at the summer palace and attended the guided tour in the palace. The guide is very accomodating, translating important infos for non Turkish speaking people like me I'm going to have a nice cup of Turkish coffee at Kapefi in a little while. Nice sunny weather outside. Will try to attend a guided tour by bus and/or visit the other side of bosphorus. Maybe tomorrow or next wee
  4. Touching down in 4 hours. Finally, Istanbul, my beauty I will see you! Suggestions from everybody Will be much appreciated. I want to experience Istanbul from a local's point of view. Thank you in advance!
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