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  1. Yes a reunion would be great! If marmaris was closer to where i lived i would go and have a little look around to see if i could find him, but its so far away and i think i would be on a wild goose chase! I have got photos of him in an album in my mums loft, perhaps next time I go to visit i could try and dig them out and post them on here to see if anyone recognises him. Reading this back i sound nuts lol and all because of consistent dreams, i asure you in quite normal, usually ha ha!
  2. Oh no i didn't know they didn't always record their dates of birth, i guess that narrows my chances of finding him even more, hopefully fate will intervene
  3. I know its like trying to find a needle in a hay stack! I feel gutted i didn't have these dreams years ago when i still had his phone number or that i could remember his surname thanks for taking the time to reply x
  4. Thank you for your replies. I've tried to find him on Facebook, but there are so many mehmets in Istanbul and marmaris that don't have profile photos, it makes it hard know if its him or not! Unfortunately i don't remember his surname, and i don't think you can find someone on Facebook just from their first name and date of birth. i know that it sounds like the typical Turkish waiter stories, and perhaps I'll never know, he was completely gorgeous 10 years ago, he didn't seem like he was nasty or anything like that, he told me his birthday, then i showed him my driving licence to match.perhaps
  5. Hi, in new to this forum, and any advice on this situation would be great. I went on holiday to marmaris in august 2003,and met a lovely Turkish waiter, we spent some time together then i flew back to England. We spoke on the phone several times when i came home and he asked me to come back etc but i was at uni at the time and due to our circumstances at the time, i didn't pursue it. further. I have thought of him from time to time over the years but life continued! The last few weeks he has appeared in my dreams almost every night, i don't have his number anymore, and understand that we met a
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