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  1. KabaSakal, treeinstanbul: when making your application in the new system, was there a field for you to put your appointment number in the old system?
  2. thanks for this update, friends. I'll try mine again once I arrive home tonight. KabaSakal, the beauty of this community is that when we're in trouble, we're all in trouble together. When one of us rants, it's like all of us are ranting together.
  3. Yeah, that was my case. After a month or so, I went to the police station and voila, it was there.
  4. Yeah, check this out: DEAD LINK Right now, the police is still taking care of residence permits, but this new directorate will establish offices for dealing with migration/rps etc. I suggest you take a good read at this: DEAD LINK
  5. Eruza, there are foreinger's bureaus in each district of Istanbul. Where do you live?
  6. Agree with all above, and adding a few: I like: Turkish hospitality. The closest I experienced to that was in the deep South in the US, but nothing beats the Turks. When I moved I was offered a lot of delicious dishes prepared by the neighbors. The Çay habit Kahvalti culture The way Turks love when yabancilar speak Turkish, and help us with those little mistakes I don't like: Censorship. Come on, we know those people are smoking and drinking raki. And I know what's going on the streets, why the media isn't covering? (I wish I had started living here before 2002, I guess) Queuing
  7. Yes, you probably spoke with Mustafa -- the cool cop in Kadikoy karakol They all started being much friendlier and helpful since the announcement of the new foreign's directory. Maybe they're happy to see that they won't be dealing with this kind of stuff soon?
  8. Thank you, Lisa. I live in Kadikoy but work just 2 blocks away from Molly's Cafe. I think I'm going to grab lunch there tomorrow and also a copy of your book!
  9. This helped me a lot while coming back by bus from Terkirdag -- thank you, Ken!
  10. Hey Goreme -- how do I purchase a copy of your book? I live in Istanbul and maybe I could buy one from you directly?
  11. Ken, I don't think so. It's a pretty small store. It looks like one of those cell phone stores "sponsored" by a mobile company, rather than an official Avea store. But I might be wrong.
  12. Nope. Found a place just by the corner, pretty close to the office where I work here in Galata. You say "sahlep", and I often see it written as "salep" too. Which one is correct?
  13. I got my phone unblocked a few weeks ago but never updated this thread. So here's what happened. No need to go to Turkcell TIM or leave the country. I went to the tax office with my phone IMEI number, kimlik number and RP. They charged me 150 liras. They told me I could get the phone unblocked at any Avea store. So I went to the first Avea store I found here in Kadikoy and they said "no, we don't do this. You'll need to go to the Turkcell TIM". But I wasn't happy with their answer. So I went to another one in Altiyol. They said they don't unblock phones BUT told me to go to the Avea stor
  14. Thank you Ellen. Managed to buy salep powder this morning and just prepared some using your recipe -- delicious! Cheers
  15. Anybody know a good salep recipe? I've had enough of instant powdered salep.
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