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  1. because its very difficult for me to speak turkish with them and the certain words are very hard to say in turkish so we just go back and forth you know? Then we should become best friends..... So far i didn't get a warm welcome from the turkish residents in mersin the girls are like really stuck up.. and the guys are just plain weird and i actually don't know why :
  2. honestly don't tend to be rude, but i doubt that anyone over 25 would want to chill with a 19 year old you know just hoping to see some young people that know english so i can have a bestfriend ahha!
  3. So yeah i have moved in to my apartment! and it feels really odd im 19 years old, didn't really want to come here at this age you know was still living my melbourne club scene and all that stuff but yeah we should arrange a meet up with all the people that speak english and go to starbucks in forum or somewhere else haha!!! Karenita im probably going to get to that tourism bussiness for summer maybe go to a hotel, could even get go teaching a lot of opportunities for people that speak english in turkey you know
  4. all my life i have been speaking english i was born and raised in australia, but my backround is turkish you know. so yeah and thats alright im happy people speak english in turkey
  5. Yo so im coming to turkey in like a month or two and want too see how much people in turkey speak some proper English and im from australia
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