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  1. I didn't know Alanya had a song.
  2. Sixty residents and staff at the Diana Isaac Retirement Village in Christchurch combined all their considerable talents to come up with this tribute, 80-odd years of happy. The residents wanted to show their children and grandchildren just what they're made of!
  3. Whatever, Hobbit. It sounds like you think immigration laws of any country should be obeyed only because of the threat of punishment if one disobeys them, not because they are worthy of respect as the will of the citizens of that country. If that's what you are saying, I disagree. I entered Turkey legally, and I live here legally. I try to be a good guest, like at somebody's house, entering through the front door after knocking and being invited in instead of climbing through a back window without my host's permission. To behave that way seems reasonable to me. To expect others to do the same also seems reasonable to me. I think you and Jim Wright use a faulty premise which compares apples to oranges. The premise first says that the circumstances in existence when European immigrants legally entered the USA in the 19th and early 20th century are the same as the circumstances which exist on the US southern border today. They are not the same. Second, the premise doesn't differentiate between today's immigrants who enter the US legally, and those who enter the US illegally. There should be a differentiation between these two groups of people. Jim Wright claims that immigrants (lumping both legal and illegal immigrants together) are being treated differently by the US government according to their skin color. But Wright provides no evidence to support that claim. Hobbit, do you have any information showing that illegal immigrants are systematically treated differently, according to their skin color, by the US government? Or for that matter, do you have any information showing that legal immigrants are systematically treated differently, according to their skin color, by the US government? Let's compare apples to apples, and oranges to oranges.
  4. I did read Jim Wright's column. I would like to comment on it. But I would first like to establish what we agree on, before we explore what we disagree on. So should I take your reply as a yes, or a no? Again, I am referring to this:
  5. Hobbit, The USA has a right to enact its own immigration laws and enforce them, just like any other country. These laws should be respected, by everyone, just as we as aliens, living in Turkey (or whatever country we live in), should respect the laws of the country we live in. That's my point. Do you disagree with that? If not, would you tell me why?
  6. Certainly not! You seem to be a lady who says exactly what she thinks. I admire that trait. Even on those occasions when I disagree with what is being said! I was just hoping to get some kind of baseline we could agree on before I reply to anything else. I'd like to see what Hobbit and some of the others say regarding my main point before I reply to some of the other stuff.
  7. I once heard about a movie which was shown to Turkish diplomats or whatever, who were being transferred to the US. One line in the movie was "when you come to a stop sign, you must stop."
  8. There are some excellent comments here. But my point has been lost. My point is this: The USA has a right to enact its own immigration laws and enforce them, just like any other country. These laws should be respected, by everyone, just as we as aliens, living in Turkey (or whatever country we live in), should respect the laws of the country we live in. That's my point. Does anybody here disagree with that? If not, would you tell me why? Please, don't reply with another list of past sins the US has committed or a list of what's wrong with the US today.
  9. It put a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. It is amazing how music can bring people together and make them forget their differences and worries, if only for a few minutes.
  10. In some of this you are arguing against things I didn't say, so I won't go there. It's a part of a poem. On a plaque on a statue. Lot of countries have poems, on plaques, on statues which are not considered to be legally binding under all circumstances. The rest of what you say is general knowledge, and doesn't explain why the US government doesn't have the right to create immigration laws and enforce them as its citizens see fit. It's just more bashing of the USA, with the same stuff you could find in practically any modern country's history. In this case, I'm asking you. For the sake of conversation in this forum. Why blame the USA because people are fleeing their countries and the US government is just trying to enforce it's immigration laws? Or in this case, NOT enforcing its immigration laws, and US citizens getting angry about it? Why do you blame the USA first, without a thought to criticizing the governments these people are fleeing from? I saw no criticism in your reply regarding any of these other countries. Only heaps of criticism of the USA. There. You criticize the USA again, as if even the problems driving people to the USA are also the fault of the USA. If the USA terminated diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, would they then mass-issue driver's licenses to all of the Saudi women? But let's get back to my original point. When you enter Turkey, do you sneak in, or do you enter legally with a visa or residence permit? I assume you enter according to Turkish law. Do you believe the Turkish government is evil for expecting this of you? When you're in the immigration line, do you shake your fist and scream at the immigration official, saying they have no right to enforce their immigration laws because the Turks were not the first human settlement in Asia Minor?
  11. I can definitely argue with that, because it is only part of the truth. The man preaching in that video needs to go back across the Bering Strait to where his people were before THEY invaded the American continent. The "native Americans" were not native to the American continent any more than the Europeans were. The Europeans had superior technology. The people who happened to be on the American continent when the Europeans arrived had inferior technology. This situation has been repeated again and again since the first human figured out how to use a rock as a tool. And everyone reading this post has had some distant relative affected in the same way. Somebody probably took the land, overcame the indigenous people, and you are probably a product of the conquerors, not the natives. So let's all get over it. The problem now is that today's Americans, who by the way consist of numerous ethnic groups, including his, have created such a great society that everybody wants to come in and be a part of it. And unfortunately, many want to leech off of it. The measure of how great a country is can be measured by the "gates test." If you were to open the gates, completely, for all countries, and then measure the number of people who would leave some countries and enter other countries, you would see how great those countries actually are. Because America is great, everybody wants to go there (it scores very high on the "gates test"). People seem to think that the USA is a great country because it was given to its citizens for free, in perfect condition. And Americans are like a society of rich kids living off of a trust fund. The Americans (regardless of ethnic origin), had to fight long and hard for everything they have. And not only did they fight for their own interests, but also for the interests of other nations. The big question should NOT be about how the USA deals with illegal immigrants. The big question should be about why these people, fleeing to the USA, cannot make their own country as great as the USA is. Why does nobody ask this question? Why do we have such high standards for the USA and such low standards for other countries? It is the usual politically-correct form of "soft bigotry." The man in that video is nothing more than a politically-correct bigot. And so are we, whenever we use one measure for the USA, and another measure for other countries or societies. The USA cannot accommodate the entire population of Mexico and South America. Nor should it be expected to. Why does this make the USA the villain? Why do we not criticize and put pressure on the governments of the countries these people are fleeing from?
  12. Mistrust of government is a healthy thing. But has anybody ever heard any case where the US government, or any government, has put something into a traveler's suitcase? And Hobbit, other than what the police are wearing these days and some cases of them being used where they probably shouldn't have, do you know of any serious cases of misconduct by the TSA or Homeland Security that are of concern? I see your concerns about mixing counter-terrorism with law enforcement, however, terrorism is a crime, and it is often the police who pick up on indicators that a terrorist action might occur. So they are going to always be involved in counter-terrorism just as they are involved in counter-crime. Traces of cocaine or drugs are often found on US currency. But it doesn't mean that because you have a few dollars in your pocket with traces of cocaine that you are a drug smuggler. I assume that also applies to luggage, since it can be bought second-hand. Or even if it's "new," no telling where it's been before you bought it. For all you know the new suitcase you bought was packed with drugs and shipped in a container to your country, then the drugs taken out and the suitcases delivered for sale at various stores.
  13. Absolutely. There definitely are conspiracies and always have been. That, and that governments do keep lots of stuff secret, which fuels the conspiracies whether there actually is one or not. I have to agree with you CigdemIstanbul. In some cases those who tried to uncover a real conspiracy were laughed at or marginalized, only later to find out that what they were saying was true. Besides it seems to be that this community is a non-judgmental one and we should continue that tradition.
  14. Let me refer you to the Wikipedia article on cloud seeding. Easier than trying to explain it. The conspiracy theory about "chem trails" is related to this. Instead of "cloud seeding" to create rain, the conspiracy theory goes that all of these planes are putting chemicals into the atmosphere to make us more compliant until the big world government comes into power. And when it does, we will all be so compliant (as a result of the chemicals spread in the chem trails) we won't put up a fight and will do everything we are told. B*llsh*t. I can certainly tell you that it's not true because of my personal anger at my own US government. I won't even begin to get in to that. I don't think anybody who knows me would describe me as being compliant to any government, or anything else, for that matter. As far as I'm concerned, the government which governs least governs best. And people have a right to overthrow their governments when their governments get out of control. That might sound shocking, but the fundamental truth of that is apparent, and was written down by the founding fathers of the United States. Anyway, my point is that I obviously have not been infected by any chem trails trying to make me compliant. I do believe there are conspiracies, and that we don't know all of the answers regarding some of them. I think most of the big ones become exposed, and that fuels speculation that there must be many more of them. The Kennedy assassination? That's another topic. But I have my own thoughts about that which are off-topic. The chem trail conspiracy is B.S. With the chem trails, it's just hot jet engines traveling through certain atmospheric conditions, and people with limited knowledge looking up at the sky and assuming that they must involve chemicals being sprayed on us like a crop duster. They look at what they don't understand, and try to relate what they see to what they do understand, and make connections between those things -- without trying to reach a higher level of understanding about the whole thing.
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