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  1. OMG just seing these posts about Kocaeli... Is anyone still in the area?
  2. Hi, This may be related... My father's uncle (Turkish 80 + year old), when he was being admitted to the elderly home supported by the SGK (social services), we had to prove he had no immediate family that was able to care for him such as children... SO assuming that an elderly is under the responsibility of a direct descendant I am assuming this would be the case for a child no matter what the age is when applying for money allowance from SGK... Hope this helps... Best of luck x
  3. Hi, Yes, Istanbul is the MOST expensive city in Turkey. But saying that Istanbul has so many neighborhoods that it can all change drastically. I used to live in Istanbul and now in Kocaeli (around 45 mins away by car) and it is so much cheaper than Istanbul (for rent you can pay the half and get a much better house in a much better neighborhood). I end up saving money without realizing it just cos there's no where to spend it My mum has a summer house in Bodrum... It is a very touristic town for both Turkish nationals and foreigners - and sometimes unfortunately when they see
  4. Hi Bena, Where abouts is his village do you know? I ask this 'cos certain parts of Turkey are much more traditional and your relative may not get the the support of neighbours if she ever needed it (again if she were to visit)... Religion is a tricky one... There are very mellow practicing Muslims who take on the philosophies of spirituality and who accept all belief systems around them and there are others who only accept those who are like them around them... You are right to have worries but the important part is how your relative feels about this all...Is she worried? Could she wal
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