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  1. I am completely dumbfounded and have no clue what to do. I have read article after article. I will be volunteering at a handicapped school in Istanbul teaching music so that I have a job and so that the father sees that I am worthy. How do I go about conversation? And I love to cook and fairly good at it. Would it be appropriate to cook for them? And anything else you got I would greatly appreciate it. The family is very happy for her wanting to go to America to study abroad, so I dont think they would object to meeting me. Long story short..... help??? lol
  2. I just wanted to say how much this forum helped me. I fell head over heels for a Turkish girl recently and I've read all of the comments here. I am soon flying to Istanbul to volunteer for 6 months at a handicap school for children, so that I will have a job while i am there teaching music. But as important as that is and fulfilling, I will be able to see her and she will be only 45 minutes away. If you need help getting there, I dont want you to have to wait longer than you need to. If I can help anyway, just ask friend. Also, her father knows of her dreams to one day study in America and supports her. And she said that he has a love for American film. I suppose that helps rather than hinders my situation. lol
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