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  1. am I responsible for the credit card debts my Turkish husband has run up in turkey,,if I go to see the advocate my self to try and come to an arangment to pay so much a month for my husband ,will they detain me in turkey ,,I live in uk ,,
  2. I have been married to my Turkish husband for twelve years now ,I still live in uk and he lives in aydin turkey ,,a couple of months ago ,he told me he had run up credit card debts ,and that they have said if they are not paid they will put him in prison ,, I am on a small income but on my next visit to see him ,,I would like to go and talk to the advocate and try and arrange a minimum amount each month ,,but I do not know the Turkish law ,,and I am afraid they will hold me responsible for his debts ,and try and detain me in turkey .. I do not know the exact amount he owes ,,but he has said it stretches over a couple of years ,,so I imagine the interest has build up a huge amount ,does any body know how I would stand on this situation,,V
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