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  1. hey there long time no speak, how did the birth go? what did you call the baby? hope all is well at your end! xx

    1. jojo8080@hotmail.co.uk

      [email protected]

      hey there, wow its been so long since i have been on here as i couldnt find the site :( but found it now :) so much has happened since i was last on and been many times over to turkey since too. Most important of all is that our son was born :0 he is gorgeous, we called him Tahir Keanan Dag. We are heading over to turkey again this year for xmas and new year cant wait and it cant come soon enough :0

      anyway sorry not replied to ur message sooner, hope all is well with u :0 x

  2. same to you,.. internet here often plays up too so I know the feeling x

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