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  2. hey there long time no speak, how did the birth go? what did you call the baby? hope all is well at your end! xx

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      hey there, wow its been so long since i have been on here as i couldnt find the site :( but found it now :) so much has happened since i was last on and been many times over to turkey since too. Most important of all is that our son was born :0 he is gorgeous, we called him Tahir Keanan Dag. We are heading over to turkey again this year for xmas and new year cant wait and it cant come soon enough :0

      anyway sorry not replied to ur message sooner, hope all is well with u :0 x

  3. A couple of videos of Kusadasi back in the day.... its changed so much, though probably everywhere has, its nice to look back and remember it.. Kusadasi in 1970 kusadasi in 1988
  4. Take the train - an excellent way to get around Turkey! Guidebooks may tell you that Turkey has a good bus network and that 'buses are faster than trains'. The thing is, do you really want to spend 12 hours in a bus? When you can travel on a civilised inexpensive air-conditioned train, with a bed to sleep in in your own private sleeper, a restaurant car for your meals & space to move around, through fantastic Turkish scenery that's unspoilt by roadside development? Travellers who take the train, ignoring the misguided advice to always 'take the bus', rave about their train experiences. Turkey's best trains are now modern & air-conditioned. Savvy travellers will use a train for long distances (for example, Istanbul to Konya, Ankara, Kars or Pamukkale) then a short bus trip where necessary to reach places off the rail network, for example the South coast resorts or Cappadocia. Much of the rail network was built by the Germans, and the joke goes that the Turks paid them by the mile, hence the twisting & curvaceous nature of Turkish railways! However, the best Istanbul-Ankara trains now travel at up to 95mph and take just 5 hours after major improvements. The first section of a brand-new high-speed line from Istanbul to Ankara opened in March 2009, and journey time will be reduced to just 3 hours by 2013, beating both buses & flights. Overnight trains with sleeping-cars, most now air-conditioned, provide a civilised, romantic & time-effective way to travel between major cities.Train Travel Website
  5. The Touring and Automobile Club based in Turkey, is both an amateur and international organization dedicated to tourism and the automobile sector, was founded in 1923 at the behest of Gazi Mustafa Kemal. Similarly to its exemplars in Europe, it was founded by a group of intellectuals led by Reşit Saffet Atabinen who was an extremely well-read diplomat and historian. First, it was called
  6. Living here in Turkey gives us an insight to not only turkish customs, but also their old wives tales and folkelore. Well these last couple of months in Kusadasi we have had a rather abnormal amount of tremors... So, from what you hear from anyone you meet, turkish or otherwise.... plus whats on forums, or facebook/twitter comments, some of them do make me chuckle.. (and not a seismologist among them) (for that matter neither am I..)Heres a fewOh such and such had a headache, that always means ones coming Oh the street dogs were barking all night I knew we would get one Well its best we have loads of small ones, means we wont get a big one Oh Kusadasi is due a big one anytime... I am sure you have heard more that you could add. I am attaching a link of earthquake fact and fiction for a little bit of reading.CLICK HERE for the link..
  7. This is one of my favourite sites for turkish recipes.. The recipes are easy to follow turkish recipes
  8. same to you,.. internet here often plays up too so I know the feeling x

  9. Hiyayou could have a blessing at the house of the Virgin Mary also in Selcuk just outside Kusadasi. They have an english priest there at the moment. Regards to the blood tests required, if you both dont want them, and ask the registrar and they agree, the blood tests can be waived. (so long as the registrar agrees). Just make sure you bring all your original paper work and no copies, plus your passport pics etc, so long as you bring all the correct stuff then there wont be a problem at the consulate, done and dusted in a short time.
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