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  1. Yes Kusadasi does rely mainly on summer tourism, but for those of us who live here, we dont really want to buy endless jewellery or carpets or go on tours...so alot of places are closed.ALong the seafront there are many restaurants and cafe bars or tea shops that are open and very busy in the evenings, infact Ive noticed alot more business there this year than before.We still have our markets on, tuesday fruit & veg and small textiles, wed all textiles and shoes, fri fruit and veg, sunday fruit and vegtues wed and fri markets are always packed - even in the rain....So we still eat out and
  2. Glad to see you back and a new little additon there in the buggy I see! Are you still in Kusadasi...
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  4. Hi sorry for the delay in getting back to you.. I think there may be a boxing club in Soke.. I do not think there is one right here in Kusadasi.... I will see if I can find out more for you.
  5. Congratulations to you both x
  6. hey there long time no speak, how did the birth go? what did you call the baby? hope all is well at your end! xx

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      hey there, wow its been so long since i have been on here as i couldnt find the site :( but found it now :) so much has happened since i was last on and been many times over to turkey since too. Most important of all is that our son was born :0 he is gorgeous, we called him Tahir Keanan Dag. We are heading over to turkey again this year for xmas and new year cant wait and it cant come soon enough :0

      anyway sorry not replied to ur message sooner, hope all is well with u :0 x

  7. I would imagine they need their own passport, my youngest was 3 months when we travelled to Turkey and he had his own passport...Anyone who applied for passports via Germany that I know of got theirs back very quickly..maybe you could try emailing or phoning them or attaching a note to your application.
  8. That sounds fab!!! definately love to give it a go !
  9. I love turkish beef and in general have found it to be of great quality.Its all to do with how long its 'hung' or matured for, as said above, if its for use today you dont want the bright red meat, its too fresh and will be tough..If its steak for today you really want the dark red one, honest, yumm.....(entrecot for sirloin or bonfile for fillet)A tip for steak, take a beef cube and crumb it up into olive oil and marinade your meat in that for a good hour (or longer, a couple days even).... heat dry pan till its smoking... drop in your meat, seal for a min or 2 on each side, then turn down th
  10. I wrote a lengthy reply to this earlier and internet cut off at time of posting! I had mine in private for first year, i personally felt it of no benefit...Its more like keeping up with the Jones's... oh my son at the 'private' school... Last 2 years the wee ones been at state school where their progress is fab, their homework is daily, at least an hour, and is checked. We have monthly meetings to discuss their work etc I cant complain with it really.I would consider using the money towards a private tutor to get your son up to speed on his turkish quicker, 1-2-1 at home with him.
  11. Yes its changed alot, 1988 or 89 was the first year i came to Kusadasi... some parts did look bad due to buildings going up all over... there are some recognisable parts though in the video clips, nice to look back
  12. A couple of videos of Kusadasi back in the day.... its changed so much, though probably everywhere has, its nice to look back and remember it..Kusadasi in 1970 kusadasi in 1988
  13. I would imagine if your mans at Uni studying construction that means hes probably not done his military service.. If he does graduate he can do a 6 month period, otherwise its the standard 15 months.
  14. Hi and welcome to the forum.Good luck with your romance, you will hear and read alot of horror stories and some people will only be glad to get you to read about them..I cant say if he is gonna be modern or westernised, you need to work that out for yourself... all I can say is that I married a man I met on holiday 19 years ago, and we are still together and very happy. Of course not all holiday romances work out, neither does any marriage.I would only suggest that you and your friend go on a holiday and that he come to see you while you are there. At the end of the day you have never met, a
  15. What an ordeal, Im glad your hand is on the mend and that the wee pooch wasnt too hurt...I do hope the irresponsible owners are dealt with.
  16. Hi and welcome to the forum.You can block the man from msn yourself so he will no longer be able to contact you.Sounds like you are having a lucky escape here.
  17. Thats a bit of a flaw in the system then if Ireland lets you bring pets back in as all you would need to do to get a pet to uk then is fly to Dublin, drive to Belfast and take the ferry to Scotland, being in UK and no quarantine..?? I am not sure who flies in and out of Ireland, try the holiday companies as sometimes they will take pets.
  18. Thats right we dont have the pet passport scheme here in Turkey, Im not sure bout Irelands regulations but for the uk, any animal coming from Turkey would need to do the quarantine for 6 months or be living in a country that does do the pet passport scheme for the 6 months prior to going back.
  19. You will need to arrange to pick up the docs yourself in person or appoint someone to pick it up for you.Then you need go to the registrars office where you will marry, then for blood tests in the local clinic, get a tax number, and back to the registrars office to set the wedding date and time in the book.
  20. Hi and welcome to the forum, I hope what ever you decide goes well for you.
  21. I cant say I have noticed the road checks to be any more stringent than usual here.With regards to the internet, mine is working fine, and no problem accessing the sites I use, and youtube gets banned and unbanned all the time, there are other sites for music and videos though.
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