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  1. Went swimming again today and the sea was lovely and warm.

  2. It's getting rather hot here. 35 degrees and temps are still climbing

  3. Looking after a very sick puppy :( :(

    1. swabs


      Awww hope the little puppy gets better soon!! xx

    2. Abi


      Thanks Swabs, he seems to be on the mend now thank goodness, It's actually my land ladies pup and got roped into it as usual.

  4. I'm so happy as I brought a new keyboard today and can post on the forum again :) :)

  5. Been cutting the hedge back and think my arms are going to drop off, the trimmer is sooo heavy and I've only done one side and the top, still got the other side to do :(:(

  6. Too hot to be mowing the grass will have to go and finish it later on when it's cooler

  7. Abi

    lovely photo of you and your man :) :)

  8. before by going to Greece for the day. The new visa's will be for 90 days but once the 90 days are up you will not be allowed into Turkey for another 90days, so you will have to get a Residence Permit. If you look at the Resident Permit section in the Moving and Living in Turkey section there are lots of posts written on Visa and Permits. I'm running out of space again, but look in th...

  9. Hi again,

    You can't get a Tourist Visa for 1 year. If you want to stay in Turkey for one year you should get a Tourist Visa when you enter Turkey, it will cost you 10 pounds and the visa is valid for 90 days. After that you will need to get a Residents permit for the remaining period because from May this year the law is going to change and you won't be able to renew a visa as be...

  10. Hi Elizabeth, It would be better if you go to the main forum and post in the Meet & Greet section and then we will answer you :)

  11. Glad I'm in Turkey rather than freezing in the UK

    1. sue


      Not very jealous! I've got 3 jumpers on and I'm just about warm!!!

  12. Sorry about that Alice I removing all the comments left by this person. Hope you and your family are well.. Abi :)

  13. Abi

    Sun set over tuzla lake

    Another beautiful photo
  14. Abi

    view from the roof terrace

    What a fantastic view
  15. Abi

    view from the roof terrace

    What a fantastic view
  16. Abi

    view from the roof terrace

    What a fantastic view
  17. Abi

    Welcome Scotty, it would be better if you went to the Meet and Greet Section as not everyone is going to see your question in this bit :)

  18. Abi

    Philip, Hi I have just seen this, could you cut and paste and start a new thread in the Fethiye section as no one will see your request. Sorry I can't help as I don't live in that area :)

  19. Abi


  20. Welcome to the forum alfie77. If you are talking about a car brought over to the UK with Turkish number plates, after it has been in the UK for 6 months it would have to be registered with UK number plates, so not sure how that will help you really, :)Sorry cukur I was writing the same reply as you were posting.
  21. See what you mean cesmeresident, I did a search and found that forum and as you say it's happening in all different countries so it's a good warning to people to try someone else.
  22. Yes I do, haven't been able to download it for ages, just get a message saying it can't communicate.
  23. There are different kinds of wedding ceremonies in Turkey. The forms of ceremonies depend on the social standing and how much money the couples and their families have. If the family have a lot of money the wedding will take place in a wedding salon in a hotel and will be a very lavish affair. There will be a table where the bridge and groom will sit and across the other side of the table will be the official that will marry them, this only take about 5 minutes at the most. After that the couple will usually get up and dance and then they will stand side by side and receive their guests who will then pin money or gold coins onto the red sash that the bride is wearing and sometimes pin money on the bride groom. Guests can also put necklaces around the brides neck and bracelets on her wrist. Next to the bride will stand a member of her family who will be holding a bag of some sort in which gifts of gold are also placed. After that there is a lot of eating, drinking and dancing going on and at some point guests will throw on the floor, this is for the the musicians who will collect it. There may or may not be a firework display at the end. Guests will be usually very well dressedIf the families are not so rich the wedding may take place in the civil offices and not all the guests are there. After that they will go to a venue, there may or may not be food there but once again the couple will stand side by side to receive their guests and receive their gifts of gold. There will also be dancing going on. Guest will usually wear everyday clothes. Village weddings again are totally different and can last 2 or 3 days. As far as henna goes and how long it last will stay on your skin will depend on the ingrediants and how strong it is also how long it is left on for. The stain left from the henna can last for 1 day to 2 weeks. It might be a good idea if you spoke to your friend and asked her exactly who is required of you as every wedding I have been to has been different.
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