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  1. Those flights will be fine as he will be flying directly from Turkey to the UK and won't be in transit to change planes in another country.
  2. Many congratulations. Make sure it's a direct flight from Turkey to the UK
  3. Having a dog and cat may be a problem if you are renting as not every landlord allows animals. You will need to make it clear that you have a dog and cat when you inquire about properties.
  4. Premiums went up in July, of this year from 234.86TL to 245.16TL. Just to note that premiums will go up every January and July.
  5. Yes, as stated they will return all documents back to Ankara and then the courier will pick them up. It usually takes 2 or 3 days, but can take longer as it depends and where your husband is living. If he paid for the courier service they should send him a text message. You won't know until you receive your documents back as to whether he was granted the visa or not, so it is really a nail biting time for you right now. Vetvatic, there is no reason to post a photo as it wouldn't prove anything It would, however be a good idea if you posted in the Meet and Greet section and introduced yourself
  6. By rights yes he should have changes made to his kimlik. Whilst they are only asking for his ID card to be translated to prove who he is, I was just wondering what they would say about his status showing that he was listed as still being married would be. I suppose if he took his decree absolute together with a translation of it, it would solve the problem Yes, you can still have a civil wedding here. If you read other posts about getting married on the forum you will see that you will need to bring certain documents with you and what you need to do when you get here. Not sure which part of Turkey you will be thinking of living in in the future but there is more scope for teaching in some areas than others.
  7. As the registry office have asked for his kimlik to be translated there is a section on it which states whether he is married or single. Because he hasn't had his decree absolute his kimlik will show that he is married and he won't be able to change his status until he has that paperwork and goes to the Nufus office to make the change. He will then get a new kimlik showing he is single again. Not sure what you mean by having a blessing in Turkey. Do you mean having a Nikah ceremony? A Nikah ceremony is not recognised in Turkey as being legal as it just a religious ceremony. It would however please the Turkish side of the family if they are religious. If you come to live in Turkey getting a resident permit is easy, depending on what work you intend to do it may not be so easy to find an employer who is willing to apply for a work permit for you. Even though you have been living together for 2 years it doesn't count for anything, you will still have to wait until you have been married for 3 years before you can apply Turkish citizenship. You don't need to be fluent in Turkish, but should have a good understanding. I think the rules are the same, but your application may be processed faster if it's done in the UK. Good luck
  8. Hi Linda, congratulations on your forth coming marriage. I have just added a bit of extra information. When a British person has a civil marriage in Turkey the UK does recognise the marriage as legal, without the need to register it in the UK. However, when a Turk marries a British national in the UK the marriage has to be registered at the Turkish Consulate. Until the marriage is registered at the TC it will not recognised as being legal in Turkey. What is your partners immigration status in the UK? Procedure and documents for registration of a marriage between a Turkish and foreign national in the UK are as follows: First, you need to get in touch with the local registration office in the UK. Turkish citizen needs to obtain a certificate of no impediment from his/her local registration office in Turkey through this Consulate General. To this end, s/he needs to apply to this Consulate General with his/her ID card (nüfus cüzdanı). Following the marriage ceremony and having the marriage registered at the local registration office in the UK, Turkish national has to inform this Consulate General of his/her marriage within one month just after the marriage. For the registration of marriage at this Consulate General, following documents have to be produced:Marriage certificate and a photocopy Full birth certificate of the foreign national and a photocopy ID card of Turkish spouse (nüfus cüzdanı) and a photocopyPostal fee (£6) Please note that in the event that you fail to register your marriage with Turkish Consulate within a month following the ceremony before the British authorities, you will be liable to pay for a fine of £ 26,70. A copy of foreign national's passport, his/her father's and mother's name and his/her religion must also be communicated to the Consulate in writing. Please note that foreign women marrying Turkish men in the UK may apply for Turkish citizenship after 3 years of marriage, if she intends to live in Turkey. The Republic of Turkey accepts dual nationality as long as bride's country does not object it. http://www.turkishconsulate.org.uk/en/marriage_divorce.asp?PageID=3
  9. Fingers and toes crossed that you won't have to wait much longer and that you get a yes :)
  10. Couple of links below hope this helps. Not sure how up-to-date they are though. Probably best to double check with the relevant consulate to make sure. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_requirements_for_Turkish_citizens http://embassy-finder.com/travel-with_turkey_passport
  11. Sorry to hear that Tony after only such a very short period of time. Normally what was yours before your married remains yours. Once you are married anything else is shared 50/50. I hope you got your pension, if it was a lump sum, before you were married. I hope one of our lawyers can answer your question in more depth as you do need proper legal advice. It may be because your marriage was so very short she may not gain anything from you and hope she married you for the right reasons.
  12. I'm bumping your post up in the hope that one of our lawyer members will answer you question.
  13. It's difficult to say because we don't know him. How did you meet him?
  14. Even though you are US citizen because your mother is Turkish you automatically gained Turkish nationality when you were born, and will be recognised by the Turkish authorities as a Turk. You wouldn't need a work permit, but would need to apply to your nearest Turkish Consulate for you kimlik, which is a Turkish ID card. As Sunny said military service could therefore cause you a problem. If you can't defer you have 2 options. The first would be to buy yourself out of doing national service. At the time of writing it would cost you 10,000 euros. At the moment there is a possibility it may go down to 6,000 euros, but we don't know when that is going to happen. Your other option would be for you to renounce your Turkish citizenship. Again you would need to contact the Turkish Consulate and ask either of those options. Here is the link to UPS in Turkey http://www.ups.com/content/tr/en/contact Good luck
  15. Hi Olivia. My advice as always is to take things very very slowly and not to be rushed into anything. If your boyfriend has been offered a 6 month contract on a cruise ship I would encourage him to take it, as it means he will be able to save some money plus as he said it will be good for his career. Good luck
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