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  1. I know there was an issue with Google Docs earlier this month but that seems to have past, at least I can access them now, but today I
  2. I think you might both be right.... Up until recently Turkcell had an Experimental broadband service running in parts of Istanbul and Ankara. And right now there is a big race going on upgrading old and installing new networks to provide 3G which in theory can provide up to 27 Meg. (I know this because on of my drinking buddies is working on the project)As to what the service levels and costs will be it is early days - the marketing boys still need to talc up their slide rules.
  3. Only thing I can add is I have never had any problems coming into Cesme with bacon, but I agree with Sunny go for vacuum packed
  4. Hi AddiIf you still have problems I can help, please IM me
  5. I find the prices in Manchester sort of acceptable, expensive but not extortionate I but can not get my head round the prices they charge here in Turkish Airports. They seem to make a point of ripping off their customers, airports have a captive audience for sure but here it is a pure exploitation. Sadly it tells the story for the country - when will these guys learn...
  6. Hi Alice... I've checked with some contacts here in Izmir and the best they came back with is 1200 TL per month on a long term contract. So it feels to me that $750 per month is in the right ball park. Have you thought of a bike or Moped?
  7. Hi Alice.. Quick question where in Turkey are you? Bushman
  8. Sorry benhalterci but you are stuck between a rock an a hard place on this one. Air Con units are heat exchangers. They suck up the heat from inside the room you want to cool blow it away to some other place (usually the outside world) This means you always need something outside of the room you want to cool so you can get rid of the heat. I have used portable Air Con units where you put the exchanger part on a windowsill but they were not very efficient, quite noisy and frankly I would not recommend them. I fear you may need to face the planners and maybe find a way to disguise the outside units in some way. Sorry....
  9. Bushman


    Can you send us the goggle earth link.. Hope there is a way we can help
  10. Bushman


    Hi voldemor23 need a little bit more to work with here, please can you be a little more specific (which village)
  11. Can not say I'm an expert as to "the rules" but I can say that I've never had any problems, what I do is:First do not pack groceries in your hand luggage - This is especially true for Bovril because of the liquid content. Next do not bring any opened packages - A 1/2 full tin of Ovaltine might be thought of as narcotics. Finally for the Cheese make sure it is vacuum packed - that way you need not even worry about Stilton http://www.turkeycentral.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gifBasically pack your Groceries in your "Hold Luggage" - that's what I have done for years with no problems
  12. I do not expect you will have too much trouble bringing them in. I'm just sort of anticipating problems you might have taking them out again (should you ever need to) and the problems you could face. I guess if you use a "reputable" shipping company they will furnish you with some documentation describing both the goods and the date they were brought into Turkey. In which case as long as you keep these somewhere safe then you can present them if you ever need to "repatriate" the goods (for what ever reason) at some time in the future.
  13. Having "felt the wrath" of Turkish customs I'd make sure I had some form of proof of origin (i.e. Not Turkey) and proof of ownership documents for the goods. (Preferably with lots of rubber stamps on them http://www.turkeycentral.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif )As for shipping - depends on the value and what deals you can get on insurance.
  14. I'd be a bit cautious bringing them in as hand luggage as you may "fall foul" of the 100 year rule should you need to liberate them at some time in the future.
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