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    Electric Scooter/mopeds

    The electric ones don't have pedals. But, because they're electric, they don't need registration plates and therefore they don't need taxing either.When we lived in Kaya one of our neighbours had one and she used to use it to go to Fethiye to shop. She had no problem getting from Kaya to Fethiye and all the way back up the hill with her shopping onboard on a single charge.
  2. I and Mrs KKW lived in Turkey for 6 years and throughout that period she ran a business through Ebay. She never had any problems as, for all intents and purposes, the business was a UK one because all payments went through a UK bank. Furthermore, the English couple currently renting out property in Kaya Koy also "work" for a UK company via the internet. Again, they have no problems apart from the often poor quality of the internet connection.
  3. I wouldn't recommend it. You could encounter all sorts of problems with Customs doing it yourself.£6k does seem a bit expensive. I would have thought that you should be looking at somewhere around £4k.Consider the cost involved in transporting it yourselves. It's going to take around 4 days each way, so you'll have accommodation costs as well as fuel costs to think about. Plus I assume you realise that you can't keep the van in Turkey for more than 6 months ?We used Sumerman's when we moved out to Turkey in 2004. Have a look at their website here : http://www.sumerman.com/home.html
  4. Well, in this case I'm "supporting" Canada. As much as I love Turkey I can't see any point in paying Turkish prices when the OP can pay Chinese prices.
  5. You'll probably find it cheaper and easier to import them from China.
  6. Far easier to just pour the egg through your fingers so the white runs through and the yolk stays in your hand.
  7. Council-suppplied tap water, like that in Fethiye, is drinkable but it's highly treated with chemicals and often has a strong taste to it.If you're moving to the Oludeniz area your water may come directly from an aquifer and will therefore be very pure in taste.However, you should be aware that most water in Turkey has a very high mineral content in comparison to that of the UK and it has been blamed for a high incidence of kidney and gall stones. I don't know whether or not this has been scientifically proven.
  8. Dead easy. Go to a butchers and ask for Beef Fat / Dana Yag. The best is from around the kidneys, but any fat will do. Put it in a pan on a low heat and as it melts, pour it into cold water. It'll form small globules. Strain the water/fat mix through a sieve. Dry the fat globules on some kitchen towel and then put them into a sealed container with some flour, give it a shake and you've got simple suet.
  9. Most Turkish Mums use margarine to make their pastry. It's readily available in most shops.
  10. We went for an extra large bed in Turkey and got a 2m x 2m. The problem with buying that size or anything bigger is that you'll struggle to get sheets to fit it. Fortunately Mrs KKW is an expert on the sewing machine.
  11. Ermmmmmmmm.............................Pardon me for being a bit blunt but either your permit is valid for 3 years, or it's not. There's no "I guess" about these matters when permits run out. If you overstay, you'll have more trouble than you ever imagined to deal with.
  12. You'll probably be able to buy the engine in Turkey and avoid all the hassle and a lot of the duty and tax.Here's the place to start looking http://www.bmw.com.tr/tr/en/
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