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  1. What's on your mind?

  2. The 3 main mobile services in Turkey, Turkcell, Avea and Vodaphone all sell dongles. The cost will depend of course on what package you decide to go for.
  3. Have you tried pressing the OPTS button on the remote and re-installing ?
  4. Sorry, I can't help you with that question. Just look for a big Turkcell shop in the area. Not a small newsagent or a mobile phone shop that sells several different supplier's cards.
  5. Since your last visit to Turkey it has become necessary for foreigned owned mobiles to be registered for use with a Turkish SIM. The main object of this is to stop the illegal import of foreign phones by Turkish citizens. To enable you to use your own unit with a Turkish SIM you need to go to one of the service provider's main outlets, not the corner shops selling credits or cards. All you have to do to register is to show your passport or ID card, and provide the IMEI number of the phone you want to register. You should be charged no more than 5 TL to register the phone and it should be able to operate with the Turkish SIM within 24 hours. You are only allowed to register 1 phone per passport in any 12 month period. As far as I know you can't register online or before entering Turkey. However, somebody else may know different.
  6. I think you might find that these cars have been imported under the Blue Plate scheme. The second car looks as though it's on Dutch plates. To permanently import foreign cars is very expensive and, as with most things in Turkey, involves a huge amount of paperwork. There are no loopholes but plenty of pitfalls. Unless you're 100% certain of what you're doing, my advice is to stay well clear of them.
  7. Cetin,Yes, I have travelled twice to Turkey by road in a UK registered vehicle. I've also travelled out of Turkey in a Turkish registered vehicle. On each occasion I purchased Green Card insurance at the border. It took 20 to 30 minutes and didn't mean losing my place in the queue. I've never tried to buy a Green Card in Serbia so can't help you with that question.
  8. You'll find that many UK insurance companies will only give Green Card cover as far as Istanbul. However, they seem to regard anything East of there as "Bandit Country". Shop around. There are companies that will cover the whole of Turkey on their Green Card scheme. Failing that, you can purchase Green Card insurance at all ports of entry and border crossings. The insurance offices are generally open 24/7. If you turn-up at a port of entry or border crossing without Green Card insurance you'll be directed straight to the insurer's offices before being allowed to proceed any further. You can purchase cover there by the day, week, month or year. Just as a matter of further information you must have the original vehicle ownership document (V5) and if it isn't in the name of the driver, you must also have 3 copies of a notarised letter from the vehicle owner giving permission for the driver to take the vehicle into Turkey
  9. Your management company should be providing you with copies of bills and / or receipts for payments that they make on your behalf. You should also have details of your account numbers from when you signed-up for the provision of the utility. If your property is in Ovacik I'll assume that you are paying Oludeniz Belidiye (the local council) for the supply of water and for sewerage disposal. They will also be responsible for household waste collections. Your electricity supplier will be Aydem and, if you have your account number, you will be able to check your outstanding balance via their website at Aydem. Go to Membership Procedures and click on New Membership to register. If you have a phone and /or ADSL line, your supplier will be Turk Telekom. You can go to any Turkish bank in Fethiye (except Fatura Bank), open an account if you have a Vergi Kimlik / Tax Number, and arrange for payment of bills by DD.
  10. Pepper Spray and CS Gas are both available from gun shops in Turkey.
  11. Again, things like self-raising flour are easy to find, so long as you know exactly what to look for. Don't be put-off because it says "Sade" on the packet. Although Sade means plain, in this case it means that the flour isn't flavoured. They also do self-raising flour with Nut, Chocolate or Lemon flavouring already added.
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