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  1. some places on the Marina ..will charge up to 150 Tl on new years eve..and that is no food and very expensive drinks..and yes it does get very busy..
  2. jonno

    Republic Day

    some photos of last nights firework display in Kusadasi...
  3. ..i beleive its number 9 to speak to someone in english..
  4. Ben..you would have to go into your local goldmaster shop ..in your area..and find out who does it ..i believe it is a franchise
  5. ..seems to be the same all round in different forums with digiturk..either fuzzy picture or loss of programmes ..i got shot of them over a year ago ..and now have dreambox ..i am actually getting more programmes and sky than i had in the uk ..very seldom any problems with it ..(unless there is internet problems..) it works with 2 dishes between 90cm and 1 metre .going through a modem then throgh you computer ..i pay 300 TL a year for this ..first payment will be due this october ..initial installment with all the equipment with the first years rent included ..around 750 TL i don,t think theres anything to touch it in turkey.
  6. .i have a translated notarised copy of my of my uk driving licence..and the traffic polis say,s that is all i need ,also i had it written into my kasco(insurance)that i have this ..if anyone can show me any link or proof that we must get a turkish licence,i would be surprised..as far as i am aware there is none ..why would anyone want to pay over
  7. ..also if your not at your property for several months especially in the winter ..put a few bowls of salt ..all around the house ..very inexpensive and draws in the damp ..my villa is empty for about 6 months of the year..i have always put salt bowls all over the place ..cupboards ,wardrobes ..etc and had very few problems..
  8. ..hi Anniem...depends what you had before, but really you want Thor ..that or is the best one for a goldmaster box ..theres literally 1,000,s of channels (and all free)you might have to move your dish slightly,best way is to get the take the box into were you bought it ..they usually charge 10tl to put in the new codes..its important you watch them do this ..then later you can do it your self..it only takes acouple of minutes with your remote control, and if you google www.satmoz.com you will find the new codes there.if you go into the forum,look for nagra,nagravision keycodethe updated codes are at the bottom of this page .good luck .. Steve.. :)88 ed 60 27 08 f4 6b b7 80 66 39 6e 78 a9 85 96
  9. ..hi Angi its a box that you can recieve all the sky channels via your computer with an extra modem,with a normal size dish... Anniem,is there anything i can help you with your goldamaster box,appart from turkish translation..lol..is it possibly you want to know how to put in the new codes
  10. ..do,es anyone on this forum have dreambox system..to pick up all the sky tv programmes ..i have a friend in yeni foca asking if anyone installs it in the izmir areas or around
  11. ..thats what it looks like ..darts from a blowpipe..
  12. its like a cash and carry..my nearest one is in izmir ..but i use tespo,s in kusadasi..
  13. ..when i get the fresh milk at kipa..(dogal lezzet)..i just freeze it ..but dont forget to take a small amount out to allow for expansion
  14. .the monte carlo. and the ford crown victoria..you will have no problem ..the mercs as you said ..very difficult..you can speak to them yourself ..his brothers english is good so if you email [email protected] or [email protected] telephone is 0.256.622.04.65 ..his name isTamer Onaran...good luck..
  15. ..don,t know about were your are ..but i can definatly get it in kusadasi in porklines..only saw it yesterday when i went in to buy some cod ..and noodles and smoked bacon.. i already have a hallf a dozen of those horseradish squeezies in my fridge..i am sure kipa also sell it..
  16. ..give me the details of the car your after, G/B i will be over that way today and will make a point of dropping in..
  17. ..just drove past there around 10 minutes ago G/B..shame ..next time i go by i will check out their board outside see if i can get any info for you. ..ps G/B if you are in te area gimme me a shout and i will take you over there
  18. theres a depot just outside kusadasi ,,that has loads of american classic cars
  19. ..with a new freezer ,without power should last 24 hours ,,with an old one i would half that ..it is still safe to eat defrosted food ..but i would eat it asap..as your fridge would obviously not be working either..also a good tip if you have a half empty freezer ,is fill it with blocks of polystyrene..(the bits from tellys and dvd players..etc)..also this cuts down your energy costs..
  20. ..for mobiles i get hand me downs rom the uk ..mostly from neices and nephews..i get some phones that would put turkish phones ..that do everything but make tea...first thing i do is for them o get chippped in the uk
  21. i usually pay 5 lira for a kilo of yag(just remember to ask for dana yag) ..when i make beef sausage..(lorne)
  22. they don,t like it to hot Sunny, to start of with if you try them in the shade..also in a grow bag..
  23. ..i asked this question around a month ago on another forum..as this is my favourite veg..someone says they sell them in bodrum..also you can grow them from seed .but instead of putting them in a propogator , ..apparantly yo start the seed of in the fridge..
  24. jonno

    Power Cuts

    ..i.m ok sunny ..i will fill the bath up tonight .and use for flushing the loos ..for the electric i have a genarator..
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