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    travel ,music "guitar" quiz,s,meeting people, cooking.playing guitar.and believe it or not cleaning,,that is why my wife loves me ,alsoi do all the cooking,the perfect hubby lol....having grandchildren over for holidays ,also friends.
  1. jonno

    New Year @ Kusadasi

    some places on the Marina ..will charge up to 150 Tl on new years eve..and that is no food and very expensive drinks..and yes it does get very busy..
  2. interesting post on another forum...posted on a turkish forum yesterday ,although not Kusadasi i would imagine the same applies .. At the recent British Consulate meeting here in Didim and Akbuk it was announced that you do not have to have a Turkish driving licence now BUT you must have your UK card licence translated and notarised in Turkey and carry this translation with you in your car/wallet. The British Consulate also said that if any insurance company refused to insure you or charge you more because you don't have a Turkish licence then this is wrong according to the Turkish Highway Driving Law (don't know the exact name) and its article 40 section G. For more information I would e-mail the British Consulate for more information..happy days
  3. jonno

    Tintiıng Wındows

    i did go and look into getting tinted windows done in my car ,luckily i took a turkish friend with me ,only to find out it is illegal to have this done ,and carries a 150 tl fine if stopped by traffic polis,new cars that have already smoked glass windows are exempt from fines...oh well we live and learn..
  4. jonno

    Tintiıng Wındows

    i am going to my local Sanyai to get my windows done ..perhaps next week ,don,t know as to the cost yet ..been told it takes 2 hours...
  5. jonno

    Republic Day

    they were sunny did you
  6. jonno

    Republic Day

    some photos of last nights firework display in Kusadasi...
  7. jonno

    Rental Agency In Kusadasi

    hi shark 34..i don,t know if you know porklines in kusadasi ..there are newly built and finished apartments there ..and it is just about as central as you could get,.some to the right side of kents restaurant ..also opposite there too, above the newly built supermarket Bim ..
  8. jonno

    Rental Agency In Kusadasi

    do you have any turkish trustworhty freinds in Kusadasi shark24( they will put feelers out for you)..sometimes it makes things so much easier..its not that difficult to get an apartment in a nominal rent..problem is here in most case they will double the rent in the high season well worth getting a contract (say 5 years or how long you plan to stay here ) then get it notarised and translated in both english and turkish..
  9. jonno

    Off Season In Kusadasi?

    good luck with whatever you decide..and great news that your hubby is turkish ..that will cut out a lot of the beuracracy in the buying proccess...i have a turkish freind here i have known for 26 years and has saved me a fortune..on buying our properties, also the utilitiese.g ..telephone ,internet ,new electric metre ,and so on..,getting jobs done on the house..plumbers ,electricians .it is a minefeild here if you don,t know what your doing the language barrier..i wish you well..cheers Steve..
  10. jonno

    Off Season In Kusadasi?

    my advice would be is to rent for a while ..3 months,6 months or whatever, that will give you plenty of time to get to know the place ,also to find your way about..a great time to buy at the moment .but winter is even better ..loads of bargains to be had ..
  11. jonno

    Boxing Clubs In Kusadasi

    welcome to turkeycentral Adnan..i don,t beleive there is a boxing club in kusadasi ,i would think the nearest one would be Izmir ..although i believe there is a kickboxing club here ,i will try and find out were it is and make enquieries about actual boxing..
  12. jonno

    Fuzzy Digiturk Picture

    ..i beleive its number 9 to speak to someone in english..
  13. jonno

    Fuzzy Digiturk Picture would have to go into your local goldmaster shop your area..and find out who does it ..i believe it is a franchise
  14. jonno

    Fuzzy Digiturk Picture

    ..seems to be the same all round in different forums with digiturk..either fuzzy picture or loss of programmes ..i got shot of them over a year ago ..and now have dreambox ..i am actually getting more programmes and sky than i had in the uk ..very seldom any problems with it ..(unless there is internet problems..) it works with 2 dishes between 90cm and 1 metre .going through a modem then throgh you computer ..i pay 300 TL a year for this ..first payment will be due this october ..initial installment with all the equipment with the first years rent included ..around 750 TL i don,t think theres anything to touch it in turkey.
  15. missus goes back to the uk on saturday ..and i have booked A2b travel.from the fantasia hotel kusadasi (pick up point) to bodrum airport..