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  1. Does anyone have experience of moving a student to Turkey (not Istanbul, but a town of about 100,000 people) in the senior high school years? How does the learning style compare to other countries (particularly Australia, but any comparisons welcome)? The student in question is in their second to last year in an Australian high school (ie year 11), and doing the maths/science subjects. They are fluent in spoken Turkish, but rusty in their written language skills. I have heard that Turkish schools favour rote learning; also that the Uni Entrance Exam is also based on regurgitating learned information, and that it can be difficult to get into Uni at all. I am concerned that moving at this stage and breaking off their Australian education, will make it more difficult to obtain any sort of tertiary education.
  2. Talk to him and see about being friends first. His attitude may depend on whether he has grown up in Australia, and his family background. If he is a strict Muslim, he probably should not even talk to you or look at you, but he's a teenage boy in Australia and quite likely wants to do the same things as his friends (ie date). His family may not be happy about him dating, and it could cause a lot a conflict if he goes against them, because the Western concept of dating doesn't exist. A young friend of mine was told that he should not have anything to do with girls until he had finished university, and thet then his family would help him find a suitable wife (ie an 'arranged' marriage, but not forced).
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