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  1. Hello Arkadashlar (friends), I am married to a Turkish girl who is virtually being held captive in her ex-husband's house because of her daughter. He has taken away her phone and internet access and we are only able to communicate very sporadically. I'm sending emails to her ex but he doesn't speak any English and is sending me emails in Turkish. I don't want to post the content here in a public forum because the matters are private in nature. Are there any good-natured Turkish speakers who can please help me with translating our emails to each other? Please? I know I can pay a professio
  2. Dear Admin, are you one person? If you are then you are incredible! Thank you so much for taking the effort to contact a lawyer who seems to know his stuff! This reply has been most helpful. It gives me at least some leads to follow up with. Is it possible to find out from the attorney if there are pro-bono lawyers in Turkey or organizations who help victims and foreign nationals with their case? As I mentioned, I am severely strapped for cash and could use all the help I could get. I understand the longer processing time due to the distance but I still need to make sure that I didn't ju
  3. Hello Admin, Are not the victims of crimes entitled to compensation in Turkey? My right hand ring finger is broken and I'm in the computer field. Doctor has told me to lay off the finger for 3 to 4 weeks. It is extremely difficult to use my hand with the finger splint, not just for typing but doing many day to day activities. He has threatened to kill me many times. When I filed a police report they asked me two particular questions "Are you filing a complaint against Mehmet Faith Siyer?" and "Do you want to compromise?" I said "Yes" and "Yes". I understand there is a new law in Turkey abo
  4. Hello, I am a US Citizen who is married to a Turkish woman but it is a religious marriage only, not a legal one. Her ex-husband has been divorced from her both legally and religiously but claimed that he did not divorce her religiously. I came to Turkey and went to our apartment and her ex-husband showed up with her and he took out a knife and tried to kill me. My wife was translating for me and he said "If I see you again, I will kill you." Next time I saw him at my wife's grandmother's house and he again attacked me, this time, breaking my finger. I went to the hospital, got a doctor's r
  5. Correction. His name is Seyda Hoca and he is in Konya. Maybe you've heard of that name? If you google it, his video shows up. Any help in getting through to him would be greatly appreciated!
  6. There is a Turkish scholar named Sadi Hoca. My wife's ex-husband is a big follower of this hoca. I live in the US and am Islamically married to a Turkish wife. She was previously married with a daughter. Everything was going well until her ex-husband produced some document saying that when he said "I divorce you" to her 3 times over 5 years ago, it only counted as one. So they are not divorced and he is trying to force his rights on her. They have a daughter together and this is making it very difficult for the little girl. I need to URGENTLY get in touch with Sadi hoca and arra
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