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    Looks good Ken thanks for sharing.
  2. Hello I must say this situation has caused me to fear ever trying to trust or love another, maybe I was only supposed to have one love in my life and he is departed this world. I don't think I can love again
  3. Thank you Conan i am gonna try hard to forget him its gonna hurt like crazy but I'll try. Your right on all accounts I feel so stupid right now, I let him control me all these years, he owned me I allowed it cause I thought we would be together, never in my life before had I allowed any man to control me, not even my late husband who I was married to for 14 years until he passed away. I will try my best to move forward it will be hard I know but I have to get my life back, thank you for responding.
  4. Thank you all for your input, on some level I feel he is married because he won't allow me to come, none of his Facebook friends will tell me anything they all have an allegiance to him, they see our posts why would any human being want to use and hurt another I can't understand it, why can't people just be truthful? This makes me not want to ever open my heart again.
  5. Please I have been in a long-distance relationship with this man for over 4 yrs now, only Skypeing and Facebook not much more then that, promises of marriage and love, he won't allow me to come to see him, he always has an excuse of work and he can't afford to pay for me, I never ask him to pay for me but it is his so called pride that makes him believe he has to be the one to support me while i am there. I need to know how I can find him, I really need to know if he is married and that is why he is not allowing me to come see him nor meet his family. Very hurt and feeling alone here. I am lo
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