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  1. Then what are good banks by other means? I still need SMS verification (which works on a foreign number as well) or other security measure rather than a token and that they can send not the initial but possible later replacement cards abroad. What are bad banks by other means to avoid? That is good to know as well. I care much more about level of service than stability since I only put some spending money into the account, much less than the state deposit insurance level.
  2. Just for your interest: In Malta you get some pension contributions, unemployment insurance and maybe higher quality medical care for roughly similar prices. Sure, it's a different country and different quality of living but I though it might be interesting to share. It depends on what you are shopping for. I am shopping for tax (and healthcare) residence (no tax on foreign income). That's why I am eyeing with island nations such a TRNC and Malta.
  3. Does anyone has any idea on healthcare and health insurance in North Cyprus?
  4. Re: State Health Insurance If it costs X for one person but also costs the same amount, X for two persons (or even for a family of 4? I don't know) then it is obviously not as good of a deal for one person as for more. Simple maths.
  5. I have to clarify myself: better value not only means cheaper but it can also mean better service for the same price. Maybe private insurance entalis private hospitals with better (paid) doctors? Honestly, I don't know. For dental work I self-insure anyways. This is important: SGK takes you in regardless of age for life and the premiums won't grow over time which can't be said about private insurance? How the service of SGK differs between (more developed) Western Turkey and (less developed) Eastern Turkey? I don't know what North Cyprus has for SGK and at what service level. Some interesting data: Turkey ranks 54th in terms of GDP (PPP) per capita https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)_per_capita Though only 90th in the Human Development Index ranking: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_Human_Development_Index The latter being a mix of GDP, life expectancy (as a measure of though not exactly the healthcare system but well being in general) and education. I wonder where they cut the corners.
  6. So, if you are born in Turkey, Turkish citizen, self employed single person you pay approx. ~250 TL a month? Not cheap. I don't know maybe some private health insurance may be better value for that price?
  7. I understand all I need is a Turkish tax number to be able to apply for a bank account & card. What I would like: - Most cards entail a 1%, 2%, 3% etc. foreign exchange fee when used abroad. I am looking for the card with the 0% forex fee if possible. The most important criteria! - It can have a modest foreign fixed ATM fee like TRY 3 but definitely not TRY 6. Can be free as well but not necessary. - The account can be free but it is also not necessary. I rather pay a monthly fee for the account if forex fees are 0% and foreign ATM fees are cheap or possibly also free Additionally: - Nice service, they speak English (obviously) - For Internet banking I don't like the token devices, SMS is better especially if I can also get the verification codes to a foreign number. What else do they use besides token and SMS? Oh, dedicated smartphone apps I don't like either. - I heard a lot about Islamic banking, heck, I would try it. They must be nicer, aren't they? - What about Turkish vs. TRNC banking? Some bank in TRNC are in the Turkish system whose IBAN code start with TR. How about the 'real' TRNC banks? - Interest is not need to be paid on the account. I'd rather vote for better service than interest paid. With which banks did you have good experiences? With which banks did you have bad experiences?
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