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  1. If you want to learn Turkish online, try TurkishClass101.com. They offer fun and interesting Turkish courses using desktop software, mobile apps, and PDF lesson notes. There is also a community there where you can discuss your lessons and ask questions about the Turkish language. You can join for free at the level of Turkish you have now (absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate, and advanced).
  2. If you need to buy health insurance to get your residence permit, you can buy it from our Ankara Sigorta representative. Ankara Sigorta has insurance packages specifically designed to meet the health insurance requirement of foreigners who are applying for a residence permit. The inquiry form is here: Health Insurance for Residence Permit Inquiry Form
  3. The Riviera Imperial Deluxe Hotel and Spa is a luxurious five star apartment and hotel property in Alanya, Turkey. You can own your own luxurious apartment inside a 5 star Hotel. Prospective clients can choose from studio apartments, one, two and three bedroom apartments and duplex apartments on the top two floors of the building. Live your life to the full and earn as you invest with a rent back option, allowing you to lease your investment property to tour operators. Property Features Over 70 standout facilities Infinity pool stretching the full length of the Hotel (biggest in Alanya or Antalya) One of the biggest and most Luxurious spa facilities of any hotel in the Mediterranean region of Turkey Europe’s biggest skylight roof, which covers the lobby of the hotel Inside and outside dining facilities with panoramic views of pool, garden and sea Project Information Start Date: April 2014 Completion Date: April 2017 Number of Apartments: 413 Number of Apartment Floors: 16 Prices, Early Investment and Expected Growth Opportunities Prices have increased by 10% since construction started on this property. Prices are expected to increase another 20% from now until construction is finished (figures based on price list dated Jan 2015). Clients who pay early with discounts could see a substantial increases on their investments. The property developer is offering up to a 15% discount off their current price list. Discounts depend on how a client would like to pay. Here are examples of expected investment rental return for a six-month period (based on typical tour operator guide prices): 1+1 Apartment 18.000 Euros: 40% 2+1 Apartment 27.000 Euros: 40% 3+1 Apartment 36.000 Euros: 40% Apartment Features High Quality Flooring Heat Reflective Glass Light Fittings Bathroom Fixtures & Fittings French Doors Large Balconies Air Conditioning System Kitchen white goods (Cooker, washing machine, refrigerator with freezer, dish washer, microwave oven (Bosch, Siemens or similar quality) Apartment Availability The developer has sold over 50% of this property so far. If a client shows interest in an apartment on a certain floor, they will check availability, since availability changes daily. Inquiries For more information about this new complex, or to inquire about other investment properties in Alanya, please use our contact form.
  4. You can add an image hosted on Turkey Central or on another website very easily. Just right click on the image, and select "Copy Image Location" or "Copy Image URL." This saves the link to the photo on your clipboard. Next, position your cursor in your topic. Right click and select "Paste." This will insert the URL, or internet address of the image. There is no need to do anything else, the forum software instinctively knows to display the image. For example, this is what happens when I do this with a photo in our Aphrodisias Gallery: While still in editing mode, double click on the image to insert a link into the image. For example in the above image, I have inserted a link to the Aphrodisias gallery, so when it is clicked on, the user will go to that gallery. You can also re-size the photo. The photo actually stays the same size, but its display will be reduced or expanded according to the dimensions you enter. You can normally just ignore this setting. I have aligned this photo to the right, so this text wraps around it for a nicer presentation. This is some additional text (Lorem Ipsum), which shows how text wraps around the photo when you use the positioning options. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, at nam ceteros voluptua periculis. Id soleat adipisci per. An vim quod iusto, choro dictas vix ut, solum dictas appetere qui et. An cum case vivendo theophrastus, duo esse convenire torquatos ei, nostrum officiis an quo. Quas aeterno fuisset te pro, choro graeco cum ad, has at putant appareat ullamcorper. Nam mutat harum feugait ei, brute molestie disputando eum an, no vim dolores eleifend. Sale epicuri corrumpit mei id. Agam audire quaerendum cu qui, enim vocent eleifend at eam. Ea per suas viris mnesarchum, atqui novum vivendum te pri. Vel ne nobis nostrud inimicus. Aeterno mnesarchum sea no, cu nec dicant mollis. Quidam assentior abhorreant cu sed, per minim delicata assueverit ne, his aliquip iudicabit consequat te. Tota dicta putent et vis. Ad sea blandit eligendi recteque. Ei saepe scribentur mei. Te aliquip veritus mea, id eam option viderer convenire. Eu pri habeo gubergren. Sit regione epicuri antiopam te. Possim audire scaevola at eum. Lobortis convenire definitiones qui id. Cum ea appareat electram, adipisci dignissim intellegebat in pro. Vel appetere urbanitas et. Eu duo mazim consulatu. Melius inermis id cum, vix illud noluisse petentium at. Debet sonet reprimique eum ad, intellegat voluptatum et nam, ne vim maiorum voluptatibus.
  5. If you're creating or editing a post and you want to insert a map into it, with a centered marker showing where something is, it's easy. Just click the greenish Google Maps button (with the small "g" on it). That will open a window where you can enter the required information. You can enter the street address (which may or may not work), or even better, insert the actual geographic coordinates as the address. To get the coordinates, find the location on the actual Google Maps site, right click on the location, and click "What's Here?" or "Burası Neresi?" That will cause a little box to open at the bottom. At the bottom of that box will be the geographic coordinates for where you clicked. Below is an example of how to create a map showing where Hadrian's Gate is in Antalya. It doesn't have a street address, but its coordinates are 36.885352,30.708719. First, enter the info into the interface like this: When you click "OK," your map will appear, and it should look like this (this is an actual map using the Google Maps button: Save your post and your map will be visible to others. Viewers of your map can even go to the actual Google Maps website and your map marker will also be shown there. Feel free to play with it in the test posting forum.
  6. Forum Rules 1. Content posted on Turkey Central is for general information purposes only. Any information that pertains to professional topics, including medical, legal, or financial issues should not be taken as professional advice. Please seek independent and qualified professional counsel from someone who is licensed or qualified in the applicable area instead of acting on any information, opinion, or advice presented on Turkey Central. For more information, see our disclaimer. 2. Members are solely responsible for what they post in this forum. 3. New members have limited privileges. After you have made a couple of posts in the forums, you will automatically be promoted to full membership with full privileges. You will not be able to use the personal message system or modify your profile. This measure is necessary to help us spot people with bad intentions, before they do too much damage. 4. Don't post links in the forum topics unless they are in an attempt to help a member making a request or to improve the information in the topics. We did not create this site to be a pool of potential members for you to get to visit your website or your Facebook page. Links posted only for marketing a website (or a Facebook page) in the forums will be deleted. 5. Advertising is not allowed in the forums except for the classified advertising forum, and then only if you have a business in Turkey. It's free, and will remain for 90 days. Do not make posts which solicit business. If another member asks you about your product or service, it is okay to answer their question about your product or service. Do not send PMs to members about your business or service that are not requested. 6. Do not make posts which are knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, racist, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise a violation of any law. 7. Do not make posts which insult the Republic of Turkey as a nation, the Turkish Armed Forces, the memory of Ataturk, or "Turkishness" as an ethnicity, or which contain insults about anyone in the government of Turkey. 8. Turkey Central does not encourage, nor does it discourage, complaints or criticisms of people or businesses. If you post a complaint or criticism of any person or company, you are solely responsible for any resulting legal consequences. Read our policy on potentially defamatory posts. 9. Do not discuss the actions of moderators in the forums. If you disagree with the decision of a moderator, address it directly with the moderator in a private message or contact Admin. It is likely that you will be unaware of previous verbal warnings and offensive content an offending member has posted, because it has been removed. Out of respect for the member involved, we will not discuss individual cases in an open forum. 10. Do not use the forum as a chat room. If you like something, click the "Like" button. Short posts which don't contribute to the topic may be removed. If you want to chat, we have a chat room for that. Forum Etiquette 1. Use descriptive titles for your topics. Posts which simply say "Help!" or don't briefly explain the topic may be edited to add keywords to make them more easily found during searches. For example "Help!" may be changed to "Help with my Residence Permit!" This makes the forum easier to search for those who would like to read your topic. 2. Write in plain English, not "texting" language. If you expect people to read your post, phrase your English properly, with correct punctuation and grammar. Use universal, standard, easily understood English. If your message is worth communicating, it's worth communicating correctly. Yet respect those whose first language is not English, there is a difference between those who are lazy with English and those who are having trouble communicating with it. 3. Use the forum standard font and font size, use colors and other text styling only for emphasis. 4. DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS for your entire post. It is okay if you intend to shout something in your post, but don't write your whole post that way. 5. Keep it nice, friendly and polite. 6. Keep things on topic. We certainly appreciate fun, joking, and good humor, but in the end we want to be a good place for people to find information about Turkey. We may delete frivolous posts which are not on topic. 7. Don't reply to trolls or spammers. A troll is a person who intentionally makes posts which are inflammatory or inappropriate. They may disguise the attempt as an innocent question or comment. Spammers, of course, post advertisements. Rather than replying, report them by clicking on the "Report" button. 8. Settle any conflicts with private messages rather than in the forums.
  7. Turkey Central

    Adana Kebab

    Adana kebab is ground lamb, mixed with spices, wrapped around a blade-like skewer, and roasted.
  8. Turkey Central

    Aşure Pudding

    Aşure (ah-shuh-reh) pudding is, according to legend, what Noah made when food was getting scarce on the ark. He mixed what was left, including apricots, raisins, currants, figs, pine nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, chick peas, and navy beans. Then he threw in some sugar and fruit juices. It is probably the oldest desert in the world. It is also a symbol of friendship. When someone makes Aşure, they typically make a lot of it, expecting to share it with many friends. Today you can find Aşure pudding in patisseries throughout Turkey.
  9. Turkey Central

    Çöp Şiş

    Strangely enough, Çöp means "trash" in Turkish, but it also means little parts of meat. It's small bite-sized pieces of lamb, with fat in between, on a wooden skewer.
  10. Turkey Central

    Baked Pasta

    Courtesy of Reci's restaurant, on Plevne Bulvarı, near Lozan Circle in Alsancak, Izmir. Recis serves excellent pasta and other food, a welcome relief if you ever get tired of the usual Turkish fare.
  11. Turkey Central

    Beyti Kebab

    Beyti Kebab is wrapped in dough and served with yoghurt.
  12. Turkey Central

    Ice Cream

    The ice cream for sale on the streets of Turkey is probably different than you're used to. It has additional "gum" in it to make it chewy. The vendors constantly stir it, and often do various stunts with it on the end of their long spoons.
  13. A common scene on the streets of Turkey, especially during the winter months.
  14. Turkey Central

    Spices for Sale

  15. Sunrise as captured by photographer Jeff Hammond.

    © Jeff Hammond

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