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  1. I was always wondering about Turkish girls. I have seen some in the media and they are pretty hot. I have never met one but most people in my area who are Middle Eastern are usually Lebanese or Israeli. I dated an Israeli girl and of course she came from an orthodox family. It did not end well because she was not support to be dating me for religious reasons and when I was with her it was fine but I could never meet her parents and she did not seem to interested to meet mine. So I felt weird in this situation and ended the relationship because it just seemed dishonest to me and that it would just end bad so I gave up with it. Lebanese people are not as uptight here from the majority I have met. Albanians and Israelis are very uptight and generally do not mix outside of their groups from my observations. My friend is half Lebanese and German, his family is not really religious but conservative politically and in opinion. I find Middle Eastern women to be somewhat traditional in their values. They respect marriage, family and customs which is important to me but I am not really interested in religion. I guess I am an odd ball hahahaha. I would date a Turkish girl ; ] I hope you it worked out sounds wonderful. Are you a Frenchman by the way? [by heritage I mean].
  2. good one hahahah. Seems interesting and not surprising though that not many Catholics live there. Turkey is the bridge between Europe and the Middle East. So its culture has always interested me. More so than Egypt or Saudi Arabia [which is the most backward nation with their conservatism]. I had a big laugh when watching the news and a cleric came on tv and said women who drive cars will damage their ovaries [as in the act of driving]. That gave me a good laugh. Yes the American system is flawed and public opinion has dropped to 12% for the government. Both parties cannot do anything yet our nation was founded on compromise not political fighting and bickering. I do think Romney would have been a better choice because what most American did not realize is that his implementation of healthcare in my state worked unlike the rest of the country. Obamacare will sink our nation in further debt. Most of this has to do with 75% American adults being on prescription medication for not living healthy lives. I think that Obamacare plus that pull plunge us into further debt but hey why should Obama care he will be out of office when most of us will be living our lives to pay off the debt. Its strange in terms of the political parties of Europe and Turkey but they have their short comings as well. I would say Europe is more secular along with Turkey however America has radicals [align themselves with democrats] and conservatives which align themselves with republicans. Then you have independents who do not have a political party but generally are people who believe the federal gov should be going by the constitution not around it. Many people here though especially rural people do not trust the government at all. My uncle thinks the FEMA camps are being built to round us up and systematically eliminate gun owners and people who reject the American government. Its kinda funny to think but people are becoming more distrustful with our government here. I think we will see a real change here and maybe a party that believes in isolationism. That too is another debate here. I generally do not think most politicians are religious people. Especially the typical republican who is a good Methodist or Mormon but uses tax payer money to hold events in Florida and attend the strip joints down there. The media here equipped strippers with cameras and they took pictures of the politicians there which was ironic. But that is democracy just be glad your not the guy in front of the camera. I view politicians as comedians. You get good politicians and bad ones.
  3. Well they probably aren't use to foreign people. I have a friend that went to Africa as a volunteer for the red cross and he said everyone stared at him in bewilderment when he was in a rural town. Its not appropriate but people do it out of out of bewilderment. I do not think they necessarily are trying to be mean. I went to Native American pow wows and felt strange being there because they all thought I was a strange white person but after you talk to people from these cultures they are usually friendly and are welcoming. I was bombarded with this information in history class and once even asked the instructor at my school is there any positive history or material we can learn about. Mankind is an interesting specimen ; ] Same here. When I was young me and my cousin would always point and I can remember being slapped by my mother for doing it or for staring at foreign people hahaha. I can see children doing it but grown adults is alittle strange and can make you feel awkward. I never notice it or don't really care when I go to foreign places. I do not try to make myself look like a tourist though, I wouldn't wear a shirt saying 'Merica hell yeah' on it I would look like an idiot and I would deserve to be stared upon hahahah.
  4. No to sound like a Troll but are there pagan turks? [serious question]. I didn't think Catholics lived in Turkey. I have heard Orthodox Christians do have churches there. Assyrians have the oldest Catholic churches in the world and its a shame the terror groups in Syria are destroying these old structures. This is similar to what happen in Norway when a group of pagan youth torched an old church [which was a museum and place of worship] and now that ancient art is gone forever. It is a shame and disgrace to a degree whether you believe in the religion or not. I just tell them pro Libertarian to hell with organized parties! [We have a distrust for Republicans and Democrats-they refuse to allow other parties to have equal status in our system]. Our government is by far, far from perfect. Infact public opinion right now in America for both political parties is at like 12% [i think as of last stated by the news], that is pretty bad. Independents are gaining more power here and its starting to appear that people do not want a two party system here. Neither party have the interests of the people at heart, basically Republican= ultra rich and Democrat=welfare, more free bees , more spending of our money and also controlling everything. I notice our media is terrible here for the fact they never seem to catch our politicians in lies but they do lie a lot or make false promises and get away with it. I think its a joke but this is what happens when we live with too much media I think. When I watch the news it has to be a foreign source and maybe local news because the major channels are too politically polarized. Does Turkey have this issue? UK ? Christian? I thought they were pagans [sorry Scotch Irish Yankee here]. When I went to the UK [twice] I found them to be very unreligious or not driven by religion. The same when I went to Ireland. I am sure very religious people live there but most certainly not in the cities [for Christians]. Now where I live is different they are very religious and conservative Christians [catholics and protestants]. In the cities though the majority of people are liberal or accepting. Most Muslims in America live in the big cities and believe it or not are generally liberal politically speaking, which I find strange. Back before Busch most of them voted for the Republicans along with conservative Jews. They voted for them maybe because they saw them as more religious and less radical than the Democrats. Does the UK have a two party system? Does Turkey have a two party system or multiparty? Excuse my ignorance please.
  5. How would I fare in Turkey alone as an American? I am not an obvious dude that would wear some shirt that said 'USA' in bright red or something ridiculous as that. I did this in Canada and got strange looks but I didn't care because its Canada. I am no captain obvious but would really like to visit Turkey and generally was wondering how Turks view Americans. Im use to the typical saying 'the world hates Americans', yes I am aware of this. My neighbor is a Turk and told me the legends of Turkish women LOL. I am not going there for women but it just seems like an interesting country and sort of a mix of Europe and the Middle East. So I suppose I am a curious soul who is looking for an interesting place to see without a 'tourist group' mind you. You cannot see a culture by using them they do not show you the country entirely and I get bored going on those. I am in my mid 20s and but am a responsible person. Im not a trouble maker or lewd sort so I shouldn't worry about much while I am there? Turks just seem like interesting people.
  6. 1] Never open another persons refrigerator [or cub boards] 2] never sneeze on your hands and not rush to the bathroom to wash your hands and say excuse me 3] never behave lewdly 4] never burp [unless you are in Japan] 5] never brush your shoes off on their carpet 6] never ask inappropriate questions 7] do not talk about religion [you never know you could start ww3] 8] do not say anything bad about other people 9] do not behave like an idiot I hope I am not forgetting anything here. Ouch you will never hear the end of it!
  7. I would say what is happening in Syria is pretty bad and an example of religious extremism. The same thing happened in Germany during the wars of religious reformation. Catholic church vs Protestant secularists. Protestants historically were very secular and did not mind other religious so long as they followed a democratic system. The Catholic church viewed this as blasphemy during that period and went as far as commissioning crusades [or trying to] against Protestants. In France the monarchy supported the persecution of Jews, Muslims, Gypsies and especially Protestants. This paved the way for the Revolution to occur in France because the entire merchantile class were Protestants and foreigners living there. France had become poor within a decade and the people [all Catholic peasantry] revolted and killed the monarchy. Western Europe was more affected by this and I do not know much about Eastern Europe but they did not experience this. Although Catholics were not very fond of Orthodox Christians. Today it is different the Catholic church is generally conservative but nothing of what it use to be in the past. The crusading days are long over and that wont happen again [hopefully]. I do notice that most religious extremist are al reactionary in the sense that when they feel their religion or culture is under threat they react in a primitive manner as oppose to thinking anything through. This in turn makes the religion look bad. Not to mention the way the Catholic church in the medieval era use to execute people for stupid things was enough for us Europeans over time to realize how evil it was and ungodly to do so we stopped. Most of this took along time to ferment but it will happen in the Middle East very soon. When modern man is broken down into two camps Conservative and Liberal [not American liberal they are nuts]. This is true and does not allow us to critically think and thus we are cursed to live in a dark age where we develop nothing but resort to barbarity. I was raised in two homes one Protestant and the Other hardcore Irish catholic. I thought every time I went over my grandparents house I was in dark age Europe with a crucifix in every room and all these statutes of saints. I thought I was going to be used as a sacrifice or something. It creeped me out. My father was extremely liberal or secular and was a Methodist. I do not know how my mother and him got married, I do know my great grandparents would have never accepted them as being married because in the late 1800s the whole Catholic vs Protestant thing in America [and parts of Europe] was still around. But we have come along way in a short amount of time. It should be interesting to see what happens in the Middle East but I predict it is still going to take more time for them to 'wake' up. Also it seems more religious extremism is occurring in Europe from both groups and most of this has to do with culture. I do not agree with multiculturalism but that is a different topic. I believe this If I move to Turkey I must transform into a Turk [not biologically but culturally]. I think multiculturalism exists in America out of a miracle and that I do not see how other countries would adopt it because it leaves so many loop holes and just allows for problems to be created and in a way back fires. I do think though that being secular is better than being multicultural or having a religious government. A sophisticated law system is required to build a Democracy. Otherwise your left with nothing and I think this is the problem with Iraq and Afghanistan. They have the potential to do it its just they do not know where to begin.
  8. In Islam is it acceptable to marry a women who is older? Trolling means to annoy people online or to make fun of people. Basically to just annoy you and they think its funny. I know because I do it to friends all the time online.
  9. My grandmother and grandfether moved to America bercuase of the IRA snipers and bombers. In a way we can thank them IRA socialist [sorta christian] terror groups in the 1950s-90s for inventing car bombs. My cousin was in the Iarq war and said those things were so bad thye killed everyone [iraqis, Police, Fire fighters and our forces] in huge radius. He said how only cowards would use such tactics and honeslty terror groups are nothing more than groups of cowards. I have to laugh at them when they think of what they are doing is right? Its like what kind of god or rational belief system tells you to make God's decisions or to decide who dies and who lives? Christians did this too but in our book it says its a grave sin against God to do things in his name [act of killing]. The taliban and kkk have more in common with each other than I originally thought. Well the KKK generally think they are God's chosen people or something foolish like that, the Taliban believe they are religiously enlightened. Both groups are a bunch of rednecks who live in rural places and do drugs and drink alcohol and talk to God... they sound mentally unstable to me.
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