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  1. Hi Ken thanks for that information. Because mine is a Family permit im a bit confused about 180 day rule in 12 months. Does it mean in a 12 month period if you have been out the country for longer than 180 days you cannot renew it you have to apply as a first permit. or does it mean 180 days since your permit was issued? Ive left a few times over the last 2 years the longest being 6 months when i returned to England to have my baby.
  2. So i could renew earlier than the expiry date. Which website do you use to make an online appointment? And where do you go? It was still the police station when i got my first one. So sorry for all the questions redders.
  3. Whats the earliest you can renew your residence card. Mine expires in April but my husband and i have to leave Turkey in March for personal reasons and i wont be here to renew it. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.
  4. No Eruza because he wasent born in Turkey he was born in England. Update anyway we received his Turkish ID card in the post. So overstayer or not nobody can stop him from entering Turkey now as he is an official Turkish Citizen.
  5. Yes his evisa had expired we were in Turkey for 4 months. We are applying for his kimlik from England now. Im back here so its easier and cheaper.
  6. im not applying for a residence for him. We are applying to get him a kimlik so he can be a Turkish citizen. We want him to have a Turkish Identity card. I will continue with the kimlik application and if that is unsuccessful then I will get in contact with the Turkish embassy or Consulate. Thanks for your help.
  7. Sorry i wasn't very specific with whats happened. He entered Turkey on a tourist visa and i entered on my residence permit which doesn't matter because its my son who has the problem. We attempted to apply for him a Turkish Identity card from inside Turkey and sent the documentation from Turkey to the Consulate in the UK. However we had problems with documents that we forgot to send so its taken us a long time. So i came back to the UK to try and sort it out from here as I'm closer to the consulate then. So when we came through passport control at Antalya they took me and my son in to the
  8. So my 8 month old son has overstayed his visa by 2 months. This is due to me and my husband applying for a Turkish ID card for him and having problems applying from Turkey (long story short couldn't send postal order from Turkey so had to send all documents to my parents and have them send postal order from UK) upon departure from Antalya last Tuesday 15/09/15 myself and my son where taken in to the police office. They put my sons passport details in the system and printed off a paper for me to sign. They said from what I could understand that when we next enter Turkey if my son has his i
  9. Has your fiance been married before? If not she just needs a certificate of non impediment from her local registry office in Wales. You then need to make an appointment at your nearest British Embassy and have her certificate translated in to Turkish and have one printed for you aswell to say you havent been married before. You then take it to be notarised, once you have the stamp you go to your local belediye and show all papers, passport etc and they will advise you further. I married in March 2014 in Turkey howeve rthe system may have changed since then. Just check at your local registry of
  10. Thanks Yabancigirl, as mentioned by meral and cayaholic said im just not too sure about military duties? Will check when I get to Turkey next month. Slightly different for you as you have a girl not a boy.
  11. Don't really understand what any of that had to do with my question. I wasn't asking whether the healthcare system is better or if it is a more child friendly environment so please can you either answer the question or stay out of it. And I agree with you cayaholic England is much better and if it is that sh*t to live here then why are so many of you desperate to get in to our country to live? And I would actually say England is more modern than Turkey because at least we are part of Europe!
  12. He wouldn't be a Turkish national though would he because he was born in England and that's stated on his Birth certificate plus he will have a British passport. So surely he would be dual nationality, he would only be a Turkish citizen. Correct me if im wrong.
  13. As many of you know im married to a Turkish national and we have a baby together. He was born in the UK and was registered here as a British Citizen, however my question is this. I want him to have a Turkish ID card, his fathers name is on his birth certificate, does anyone know if its possible for him to have one? Thanks in advance
  14. I need to change my name also. I was given a Formul B? is the document you need to change name and use as proof of marriage? It contains date of marriage, place, my maiden name, my married name and mine and my husbands name?
  15. My husband and I have just been through this. We began the process recently, my husband found a job on an English website looking for Turkish workers in a Hotel in Manchester. He did a application form online, they sent him an official application. He had to send a copy to the hotel and they provided a link to the immigration office for Tier 2 visa. The hotel then sent an email saying they where processing his 3 year contract agreement to sign. In the meantime the immigration sent him an application form for the points based system to see if he is eligible for a visa. We are now awaiting a res
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