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  1. Thanks very much for the advice, would it be OK to change in Turkey once my passport has run out?
  2. Hi everyone, I could do with some help again! i married a month ago in Turkey but have had to come back to the UK until January, at which point i will move to Turkey permenatly, my question is i would like to change my name on my passport while here unfortunatly my paper Certificate/Affidavit is in Turkey with the marriage office , the passport office said i cannot change without this, my husband has said this paper cant be taken from the office, any advise would be wonderful. Thanks Tracey
  3. Thanks Colette, Was all quite easy after all and i just sent my paper to the Embassy in the post and got it back 2 day's later, so wasnt as bad as i thought, and it also meant i could get married 2 weeks after thankyou for your help
  4. Good Afternoon everyone Im hoping to get some advise on the paperwork i have, i am getting married in Turkey the end of November, I have the certificate of non Impediment and Affidavit of marital status, i need to get a stamp/Noterized before i go to Turkey, but im confused as to where i need to go to get this done and help would be apprieciated. Many Thanks Tracey
  5. Thanks alot winegirl, That's a great help, he also said something about another paper from town hall here, im not sure what that could mean? Thanks
  6. Hi Everyone Just 1 month now till i return to Turkey to see Onur, im so excited! I lookinf for some more advise/help, In march Onur is looking to come here for a 2 week holiday he would stay at my place,he has already said a visa is not a problem but i would need to write a letter inviting him to stay? any help with this would be great Thanks xx
  7. Thanks everyone for the great advice, since posting my last message i have explained to Onur that i would like to slow things down, and after a few day's he came round to my way of thinking. Anyway i have decided to still go in December and meet his family and spend more time with him, also next year vist it as much as i can, he is also coming here in March for a couple of weeks, and then see where we are this time next year! Thanks again everyone xx
  8. Hi thanks for reply,yes does seem a bit crazy im normally quite sensible! it's not set in stone its something we have spoke about, just seeing what I would need if we did, part of me thinks why wait as I know he is the one for me, but there is a part also that thinks I should wait till next december like we planned originally. Think also because we skype for 2 to 3 hours every night think it feels like I've known him forever
  9. Update,now hoping to get married this December, and move to Turkey in the New Year, I was just wondering if you can get certificate of no impediment from local office like registry office? Many thanks
  10. Yes that's who i have now booked with, but still got a 1 hour stop over but so much better than 20 hours! Oh and im meeting the family, mum, dad sister her husband im so nervous any advise would be very apreciated
  11. Hiya, thanks for reply, he has spoke about me moving there in the future, my company i work for now has a few offices in Turkey so maybe that could be a option. I am just looking for flights to izmir in December, what a nightmare! direct flights on the way there but on the way back most of them have a 20 or so hour stop over
  12. Hi everyone, after reading a lot of the posts on here over the last few weeks i decided to join, i to am in a relationship with a lovely Turkish guy and from what i can see you have all given some great advice to other members, my relationship is quite new i have know him for just over a year but have only been together since June ( as i was in a relationship the previous year) so im sure i will be calling on you guy's for advice over the coming months! Relatinoship is going great i have just returned from Turkey again where we spent the week together, we get on fantastically and im going back on the 26 th of December, only thing that concerns me is it all seems to be moving rather quickly, is this normal for Turkish men? i have no doubt that he loves me and i now feel the same but he is talking about getting married next year!!
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