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  1. Thank you everyone for your feedback, i'm curious does your degree have to be in the field of teaching or English? I'm very close to completing my degree however it's geared toward nutrition/dietitian. Would it be reasonable to think with that degree and having a CELTA certificate I would possibly be able to find a job that would offer to sponsor me on a work permit? I have checked around where I live and there is a school that offers a CELTA class,would I need anything else besides that?
  2. I apologize if it has already been posted, but I am currently looking at the possibility of teaching English in Istanbul. I don't have any credentials but an overwhelmingly passionate drive to teach. Can anyone give me any suggestions about the TEFL course/gaining work permits/Visa's? Also I have many native Turkish friends that live in Istanbul. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Note I do understand it may take some time to gain certain credentials and Im not expecting to get answers that will tell me I can just pick up and go with a certificate or two, so please be truthful. Haha.
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