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  1. and to stay with my boyfriend & his family... tourist??? (or renting apartment with Turkish citizen to live)
  2. It's unfair not giving any date for the change of circumstances for first time applicants! As I have a one way ticket in June to Kusadasi and intend to rent an apartment with my partner and apply for residence, but I am being kept in the darkness whether this law will even come into effectiveness this year!!
  3. Hi wondering if anyone could help! As far as I have been told when I show my funds for reisdence they must be in a turkish bank... I will be showing savings as my means of support, is there any specific way about transferring my money from my UK bank to Turkish bank account? Or can I actually show my money in my UK bank then put in my Turkish one? Thanks! (Will be applying in september for my new life in Kusadasi!!!)
  4. Would it be a problem if he overstays the time he intended on the application and returns before visa expires for the next time he applies? Or should my parents inform immigration if we wish to do this? If when he applies the next time and it may be a problem that he stayed longer than intended previously with further backup may it be ok? For example if I was to be living with him in Turkey with residence and we were both visiting for 2 weeks the UK then returning?
  5. My situation is with the dates, last year we invited my fiancé for a initial 2 weeks but because we didn't know he'd be given 6 multi entry we decided he can come back, which he did with no problem. This year we have initially said 8 weeks, but if he overstays this is there anyway my parents can contact immigration saying the want him to stay longer than the initial 8 weeks and will 100% financially support him or just let him overstay anyway but return before visa expires? I've had so many different answers I don't know where to turn to!
  6. Hey Pauline, someone I can finally relate to! I was too in a very familar situation I have been with my Turkish boyfriend, now fiance! For just over a year. We met whilst I was on holiday in Kusadasi and I was just 16 and he was just 24, nothing came of us whilst I was on holiday however a few nights he showed me around the town but nothing dodgey! My parents agreed to let me and go and stay with him and his family for a week at the end of the season! And he has been to England twice and staye at our home, and I have just returned from Turkey (where I have been for 3 months!) and now going through his visa process again (HATE, so stressful) But he respects my mum and dad sooooo much and would never go behind their backs, he asked them if he could give me a ring on my birthday last week, and although he'd spent 3 months at our home in England, the night of our engagment was the first time they had ever seen him kiss me (I think that shouts respct) He has a fantastic relationship with all my family, and the age different of nearly 9 years is never a problem!! Now I am in the position I am, I hate when people think all Turkish men are love rats because it is so unfair to those who are genuine!
  7. Come someone please give advice! I am also in a similar situation!
  8. My fiancé is applying for general visitor visa and my parents are sponsoring him as a friend. We have said he will stay 8 weeks, but I want him to stay for as long as he can as I have commitments here in England at the moment. But I have heard this could raise concern when he applies for a visa again in the future? I am so distressed... I have just came back from Turkey for 3 months and waiting for my fiancé to come in November, AND I want him the majority of his visa
  9. Could someone please direct message me if they too have or in a relationship with someone who has been granted 6 months and stayed the max. time or close too? Thanks in advance!!!!
  10. My boyfriend will apply from Izmir to come to the UK but my parents will sponsor him. My boyfriend will apply from Izmir to come to the UK but my parents will sponsor him.
  11. Hi, as I am not yet 21 I cannot apply for a relationship visa for my boyfriend, therefore my parents sponsor him, his visa application was successful last year and stayed the initial 2 weeks invited for at Christmas, and returned again 6 weeks after, for 9 weeks. However considering his visa is issued for 6 months, can he just stay the full 6 months no problem? Even if his invite says 2 months, would we inform the governement he has decided to stay longer? I would really appreciate talking to someone that has been through the same processes
  12. I understand it may be unclear with the new law misshaps, but as it stands, I hope someone can help me? I plan to go to Turkey next June (just like I will this year) and once my 90 days has expired I plan to apply to extent to get a tourist residence permit on my 18th birtday, is it enough to show I will stay with my boyfriend and his family aswell as sufficent money which I will recieve on my birthday.Additionally, if granted the extension can I leave to come to England for Christmas then go back on the same extension and re-new straight after it runs out? Can I avoid leaving for 90 days until I come back?I know some people will think I am still young, but please respect my question and know I have my reasons and well aware of what I am doing
  13. Hi Ken, thanks for the info. I am sorry I didnt make it clear, about taking my partners surname I meant getting married sooner. Getting married isn't something we wanted to rush, be we want to live together as soon as possible. Also, could I take residence then apply for a work visa? If you know.
  14. I am aware of the whole process of getting a work visa for Turkey first off. I would just like to know the chances, When I apply and my employer applies and I have studied Travel & Tourism at college and the hotel I have a job offer at is a big trusted company - Am I likely to get the Work Visa? If I have all the qualities that the employer is requiring ie bilingual ect.? Is level of education proof required in Holiday Entertainer work applications? Or are my chances of getting the visa more likely if I was to have my partners surname? As I have been told by many this.I just don't want to waste money applying for a Work Visa and not getting it.I will be 19 during the season I intend to apply for & the hotel is Aqua Fantasy in Kusadasi (have several english workers)
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