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  1. Hi Everybody, I have just moved to Izmir and want to start an Aviation business. I am a commercial pilot on corporate Jets and I am an Aerospace Engineer. I know the aviation business is very limited in Izmir but it would be lower cost to start things here comparing to Istanbul or Ankara. But the only issue is that I want to know is how to connect with companies here. What is the business culture of Turkish people? I only talked to one company and they were very closed minded towards themselves. Anybody can help, I really appreciate it. Any other Pilot around want to get together and talk airplane and aviation just send me a message. Thank you all.
  2. Hi Everybody, I and my wife are moving to Turkey next week. As far as the location, we have thinking of Izmir as less expensive and less crowded city. But we are not sure about the turk's mentality about pets and we do not have too much information about how turk's deal with foreigners and if it is wise to go there and start a business or work with them. We don't know much about Izmir. Could anybody tell us about any particular area that is safe, more international and relatively inexpensive? What is the best way to find an short term apartment? Thanks everybody in advance.
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