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  1. Hi everyone I am going to Kusadasi for around three months this summer. I am looking for a one bedroom apartment or flat to rent for June, July and August. I'm on a relatively small budget so need to get a good deal. I have no idea where to start looking so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ciara
  2. Hi Pauline My name is Ciara and I am 18. I have been with my boyfriend Bulent for over a year now, he is 23 but was 22 when we met and I was 17. Like you I was also on holiday when I met him and he was a chef in the hotel where I was staying. Also like you I found it crazy how many Turkish men are in relationships with European girls!! Unfortunately some for the right reasons and some for wrong ones. As for the age difference, I met my boyfriend in July 2013 once I returned home everyday we were constantly texting and calling similar to your situation!! I did not get to return to Turkey until April 2014 due to school and work but on this trip I did meet his family who were absolutely lovely and welcoming to me.... I was so nervous, Bulent being my first real boyfriend. By the time I met them I was already 18 so it was not a problem. I do however remember discussing with my boyfriend did his family have an issue with my age. He did say that me not being 18 was at first a little bit of an issue but as I was very close to 18 when we first met his father did not make to much of a big deal about it! I'm sure it would have been a different story if I was younger. And of course once they met me they were fine with the age difference I know how hard the long distance thing is believe me especially when there is no immediate solution to the problem! I just started a four year degree so we are looking at long distance for a long while yet!! I did spend my summer in Turkey however and loved it so will probably do that next summer as well! I am from Ireland so amazingly Bulent's visit visa got approved for him to come here so he arrives on Thursday for five weeks!!! Basically I guess what I'm tryna prove to you is that things do work out! When I came home no one thought we would last this long but we have so keep your head up and everything will work out for the best in the long run. I know the difficulties of a long distance situation but you just need to stay strong!! Ciara xx
  3. Hey veronica, I don't normally post I usually just browse but I decided to reply because our stories are quite similar. I met my boyfriend around nine months ago while I was in Kusadasi with my friends family, he was one of the chefs in the hotel kitchen. I haven't seen him since then sadly because work, school and money have gotten in the way. I am finally getting to go back this Saturday for a week! I'm bringing the family in tow so everyone will finally get to meet eachother, dad will finally be put at ease getting to meet him and I have been told I have to meet his family... So nervous!! Haha it's been a tough nine months and I have missed him alot but I have been super busy so it doesn't seem like it's been that long! I'm eighteen and he is twenty two. I hope all goes well for you and congrats on getting out of your previous relationship. Best wishes, I hope you have a great time. Ciara x x
  4. Hi Irish Girl, I am also Irish and am in a relationship with a Turkish guy. I'm 18 and he's 22, we met while I was over there during the summer and have been together for six months. I'm going over to see him in April, can't wait! I don't know if I am really in a position to comment on whether long distance relationships work since we have only been together six months which I guess is a relatively short time. However so far so good! If you are both willing to make compromises and put in the effort I think they can work. But the distance is very difficult sometimes! Viber or whatsapp is a necessity! With regards to being so forward in my experience I would definitely agree with that, they don't hold back! I don't know if I've been any help to you but just wanted to let you know there are other Irish girls in your situation. Ciara xx
  5. Hey guys, Thanks a million for all the replies I really do appreciate them. I know you weren't trying to be negative just realistic! I definitely don't expect that he is the love of my life, I'm far to young to decide something like that! I will just see how things go. I still go out with my friends and go to college and to work just like I always have done so my life is not on hold by any means Ash88 I must say I was browsing the forum the other day and read your story, I love it and wish you all the best!! xxx
  6. Thanks TaterTot for the bit of positivity. I will take all of your advice on board xx
  7. Hey guys, Thanks for the replies. I totally agree with everything you've said, I'm still in school and definitely plan to stay there as I want to go to college next year to study science. I thinks its more that I have doubts about whether a long distance relationship can work rather than that I have doubts about him. Also I definitely will never ever ever send him money. Thanks, Ciara.
  8. Sorry, I just want to clear that up about 'going for it' I didn't phrase that very well! I just meant that when he asked me out while I was over there she said I could go. I know I am young and so is he so we will see how it goes, only time will tell. Thank you for your reply
  9. Hi everyone, While surfing the web today I discovered this forum and thought I better join . I am nearly 18 and am an Irish girl. Back in July I went on holiday to Turkey for two weeks with my best friend and her family. I had absaloutley no intention what so ever in having a holiday romance or even contemplating one, I am a very realistic person! Anyways during our holiday my friend and I became friends with some of the young lads working where we were staying. My friend went out with one of the guys on the entertainment team... who turned out to be a complete idiot. I being practical ignored any of there advances, not wanting to have my heart broken. Towards the end of the first week I noticed one of the chefs in the kitchen seemed interested in me, I had noticed him before and thought he was attractive. Eventually he asked me out, he's quite shy! I didn't know whether to say yes or not it's not usually something I would do but my friend convinced me to go for it and I rang my mam who was in Ireland and she said to go for it if I thought I could trust him, so I did. We had a great time, I was straight up with him and told him that there was no way he would get to sleep with me, I am just not that type of girl and he respected that. He is 21 by the way. We went out every night of my second week for walks on the beach etc. and he always paid for everything. My last night it was sad but I hadn't let myself get to attached to him as I thought I would never here from him again once I got home. How wrong I was, he instantly started messaging me and six weeks later I still talk to him all day everyday, god bless viber!! He really seems genuinely lovely he has never asked me for anything and he tells me how much he misses me and says one day he wants to introduce me to his family. I know it is still very early days so I am keeping my eyes wide open, my head screwed on and not getting swept up in the whole romance of everything! Although I do miss him a lot. Upon returning initially my parents were very apprehensive about him, which is definitely understandable, they didn't want to see me heartbroken if he suddenly just stopped messaging me, but he has never once not replied to a message so they are a lot more relaxed now. I hope to visit him in October for a week but it is all very uncertain at the moment. I have read to many terrible stories about Turkish men on internet forums and else where, so I am very apprehensive! I know I should give him the benefit of the doubt as he has never given me any reason to doubt him, but a long distance relationship is a big commitment to make and one that I could only make if I completely and absolutely trusted someone with all my heart! I guess I am looking for the advice and opinions of people in a similar situation to my own. Thank you in advance for your replies!! Ciara xx
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