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  1. i never knew this phenomenon was so widely spread, i remember internet dating from a few years back when you would meet sweet and usually shy people, and the stress was all about "should we meet for coffee or at the park, should i wear jeans or a skirt?". Of course even then you had to be careful with not meeting some psycho axe killer, but the majority of people on dating sites are just regular folks with difficulties meeting the classic way, whether because of job pressure or shyness seems to me this crafty, cunning, cold hearted hunting of people for their money is of a new caliber in virulence. I'm sad i'll never meet my handsome turkish soldier, but this whole story got me interested in turkey and turkish culture, which adds richness to my life and is one thing the scammer did not control.
  2. ok so i'm a racially mixed african and caucasian girl, i've never been to istanbul but i've heard it is absolutely gorgeous! I was recently approached by someone on a dating site whose photo showed a handsome dark haired caucasian, military guy. He says he's originally mexican, he's currently on mission in syria and has a son, but is divorced. He is charming, sweet, affectionate and very romantic. After weeks of daily exchanges online, and a growing emotional bond, we reach a point of considering marriage once he returns from mission and flies straight to visit me. He says he wants me to be a mother to his 7 year old son and he wants me to give him a baby girl who looks like me. It is my daily joy to read his loving messages and we openly talk of our future very soon. He wants me to be his wife, he 's terrified i might not wait on him and fall for someone else. He needs me like a lovely puppy and i totally fall for it. What woman can resist a handsome soldier with a tender heart? Then this morning, the cloud of joy vanishes when he clearly makes a sneaky move to get money out of me, and lies about a few things in the process. I sit there, shattered, then angry, and demand explanations. He changes tone and the mask drops. My handsome mexican soldier was a turkish armed forces man who is only a stolen image, not even aware i exist. And in fact, was a black nigerian guy who lives in ghana and wants nothing but my cash. i'm heartbroken and i feel so stupid. my brain can't manage to make my heart understand i need to stop loving this fake person.
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