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  1. To close the loop on my experience moving to Izmir. I ended up entering on a tourist passport and once I signed my contract with NATO, I was able to go have my vehicle removed from my passport and put on my Bayonamme. As a NATO civilian I do get BX and Commissary privileges. However, as a NATO civilian, I did not get the support that US personnel receive from the support base--i.e. no housing support, no transportation support, etc. I am essentially stateless in this sense. Six weeks into our move here, it has been brutal getting settled, but we are happy and expecting a great time here.
  2. Greetings from the United Kingdom. I am the creator of the Izmir and Turkiye DVDs from my earlier tours in Izmir (1995-97 and 2001-2002). I am a retired US military member and have accepted a job as a NATO Civilian at the HQs in Izmir, which is a three year contract. We are planning to arrive in Izmir in mid-November. As a NATO Civilian, I am not associated with the US military or US government and therefore do not have the type of support available that I had when I moved to Izmir as a military member. I am trying to sort out what that means particularly regarding my processing and arrival of my household goods. I will be shipping household goods from the UK and we will be driving from the UK. When we process at the border, what procedure should be applied for my circumstance? Do we purchase visas? How is the car supposed to be processed. I want to avoid having to undo any procedures which are not appropriate to my situation (i.e. having my vehicle in my passport; 180 day limitations, etc). I am working with the NATO HQs in order to get some kind of NATO Orders to facilitate my processing. Where in the process of the arrival and delivery of my household goods will my status as a NATO employee be able to influence how the processing of those goods are managed. I appreciate all the information I have found on this website and thank you in advance for any insight you can provide regarding this situation or living in Izmir in general. This time, I'm coming with an HD camera and have expectations of capturing the wonderful life of Turkey in HD. Cheers, David
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