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  1. very interesting Sunny...thanks this is what I was after....just wondering how well a black woman Turkish man relationship would be perceived. Thanks so much!! Thanks so much Linda!! Great information...glad to know that any staring would be just curiosity and not something sinister. Thanks for asking your honey about this for me!!
  2. Hi Everyone! I am new to this forum and so very glad that I found it. I need some advice for those of you who are living in turkey regarding your observations of how Turkish men interact with African American/black women. I'm an American black women who recently visited Turkey for the first time. My overall experience was very positive... I fell in love with all the culture and history in Turkey. I met a Turkish man in Istanbul who seemed really sweet and sincere. Although I honestly have no way of proving that his intentions are honorable, because I really don't know him that well. My question is, how are black people 'viewed' by Turkish people? I asked my friend how his family would respond to him dating a black woman and his reply was that "his family liked black people." Can this be true. The reason I am somewhat skeptical has to do with the history of racism in America and how in some parts of the states interracial couples are not necessarily well received. Especially in the South where I live. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance for your feedback
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