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    Hi does anyone know if Facebook is blocked?
  2. Hi does anyone on here know after you have stayed in Turkey for ninety days on an e visa how long do you have to stay in the UK before you can obtain another e visa and come again? Thanks
  3. Hi does anybody know if you have to register with the NUFUS Office in Manavgat before being able to purchase and register a Scooter in you name? I have residency permit and Kimlik number. John
  4. Hi I have bought a scooter and have a residents permit tax number and kimlik number. When the garage man tries to obtain the number plate and types in the tax or kimlik number as asked on the form it comes back systen down try again, I have checked the same with my wifes numbers and get the same answer, however when the guy typed in another Englishman he had sold to his came up straight away with his name on the form. Do I have to go totheNufus office and tell them I am living in Turkey before I can register my scooter, or is there another problem any one knows about? John
  5. I am british I have a property in Side and would like to know if after my demise the property passes to my wife, who is my second wife, my first wife passed away many years ago with whom I had two children. I have one child with my second wife of 35 years. I have the tapu in my name only. I have heard so many stories regarding this and would askeif anybody knows the proper Rules and laws regarding this.?.
  6. I would very much like to be able to have my hair done by reputable hairdresser can I get her number? Josie
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