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  1. Hello everybody... İ am Mirela,romanian citizen.Me and my husband decided to divorce.we have a baby girl (double citizen romanian and turkish) .i have some question related with my rights in turkey after divorce. 1.İf i divorce can i live in Turkey after? Because i plan to find a job in here and living here 2.what will happening with my resident permit after divorce and how i can get a new one? 3.can i take turkish citizenship after divorce? Thanks hope i can find some answers
  2. Thank you verry much:)... Yesterday i was to consulat,they told me i can change my passport and registrate marriage also from here,but i Need born certyficate:)).From the place where we marryed they told me they can2t give me back my original so We planed a short trip in Romania 2 weeks later,i will ask there for a duplicate and then turn back here and finish with all,because we will not have time in 1 week to finish with all in there(we have some stupid laws) But it looks like we are on the good way:))
  3. 2 weeks later i will go in my country...hope i will can fix the problems there:)...i try to call consulat but nobody answer..uff all i want is to registrate my marriage also in Romania,other way there i am like alone:) Thanks for your answers:)
  4. Thanks for ur answer...i just wanted to know if is normal to keep the original....Maybe i can registrate the marriage in my country without it...i will ask also for a duplicate:) Wish u a nice weekend,Mirela ok ...i will ask:) have a nice Weekend,Mirela
  5. Hello everybody...My name is Mirela and i am from Romania,Bucharest .İ just married in Ankara<my husband city>...and we planned to live in here. My problem is that i gave my original born certyficate for marriage and they didn't gave me back.İ want to registrate the wedding also in my country...and of course i will need to change also my other documents(id,passport) because i took his name...The thing is that in my country for all of this i need my born certyficate,but from here they told me that they need my original...do anybody have any idea what i have to do?...because normally i know they keep a copy,not original.. HELP PLEASE!!! Thx,Mirela
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