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  1. Thanks a lot, HobbitTR, purchasing a cheap phone in the country is what I did in Costa Rica so I figured I'd just reuse the one I purchased there, but as you pointed out it would probably be cheaper to buy one in Turkey than paying to register the Nokia. I wasn't sure how cheap I could get a phone in Turkey but if it's around the same and possibly cheaper than the tax itself, I'll definitely just buy one there. And I also appreciate the confirmation that I do not have to register my iphone nor will it be blocked if I just use the Wifi... awesome!
  2. Thanks Ken! I'll definitely plan on just registering my older Nokia and hoping for the best that it works there, thanks Ammo!
  3. Thank you Ken, that article did clear up a few things. I guess my last question is really whether or not I can bring two phones into the country and not register them until I decide the best thing to do. I want to bring my iPhone and not register or use its cell service and only use it for pictures and wifi, would that be acceptable? Because I also want to bring my basic Nokia and see if it's compatible with a Turkish SIM card so I could use that as my phone while I'm there.
  4. Hello all, I have been researching the topic of using a cell phone (or mobile) in Turkey for a few days now and I am still pretty confused. I know it's a very complicated process and I am just trying to figure it out exactly as I am leaving in September to live and work there for 10 months... So far what I know is that if you bring in a foreign cell phone you have to register it and pay a fee within 30 days of entering the country. On top of that I was told that it is still very expensive to use a foreign phone in Turkey (sim card, calling and texting plans). I have read and been tol
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