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  1. Hi KenNo it was nothing to do with my residency as I've had that for 7 years now and had the Jandarma visit way back then. This wasn't the police visiting me either. They were from Antalya (I live 3 hours away from the centre of Antalya), so not local, and they were from a Government department. They came to my place of work unannounced and asked to speak with me, I then had to produce my work permit and they recorded the information about me and the travel agency I work for. They had other people on their list for that day too who I know didn't have permits. I'd like to apply for citizenship as I'm eligible, but as I 'live in sin' with my Turkish partner, I've already been told that as we're not married it would be difficult.
  2. Thanks Fen, that's interesting if they knew you were there. I'm more worried about our competitors as where I live is a small place and everyone knows your business! If we are successful, and I think we will be, people will soon be calling the authorities. I also work for a tour operator and have a work permit with them, so everything is legal with that job, and last year I got a visit from the authorities to check my permit because someone had reported me - they told me this. So I am almost expecting it!!
  3. Thanks Ken, that's kinda what I thought, but after 7 years of living here, I know that sometimes what seems logical and 'must' be right, isn't always! I will look at a Delaware Company too as that's another option.
  4. I live permanently in Turkey and want to sell, on-line, holiday accommodation in Turkey. There would be no office, and all the 'work' would be on-line, and payments from customers would be to a UK bank account. I am thinking that as a UK citizen, the easiest way for me to do this to avoid any work permit issues, is to set up a UK limited company - it would be me and a Turkish Citizen only as directors and there would not be any staff (other than us). Is this correct? That by doing this I wouldn't need a work permit?? I've searched previous threads and the only one I can find dates back to 2009 so wondered if there had been any changes since that advice was given. And just if anyone knows - I assume I actually CAN set up a UK company without being resident there!!??
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