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  1. Lovely thanks Ken, basically I'm self employed I have 3 years + accounts but 14/15 I was on maternity leave which mean I only earned a fraction of what I would normally. This years are back to normal. Would the one 'bad' year go against me? Also which has the best rates at the mo. thanks again.
  2. Hi, I want to keep this post brief. Is there anyone on here that could help with information needed for a mortgage in Turkey. I am British and Self employed I just have one question about proving income. Kind regards Linda
  3. We used a Turkish lawyer from turkishdivorce.com we had to have 2 POAs as neither side could go to Turkey at the time it costed us around £1500 in total each case is different though I guess. Could be less could be more
  4. Hi Personally I would say get married in Turkey and apply for spouse visa from there. I don't think there is a specific waiting period. Have you looked on the UKBA website as the criteria for visa's is very strict nowadays so I would make sure you feel confident you meet all of them. Saying that I do know of people who come on a fiancé visa which I believe is valid for 6 months I would check with an immigration lawyer if you can apply for a spouse visa after this. Information can be found at https://www.gov.uk/browse/visas-immigration. Linda
  5. Hi Somebody might correct me on this but I would have thought that you would just need your English divorce papers translated and certified in to Turkish and then presented at your nearest Turkish Consulate. The reason I say that is that we did it the other way round. My husband got his divorce in Turkey and presented the English translation along side to the registry office here to show he was legally allowed to get married He also submitted his formula B which showed on the Turkish system he was single but the registry office here were more concerned about seeing the divorce papers.
  6. Try marmarisrecruitment.com Bar work etc will be hard without a work permit but there might be other jobs that interest you. Marmaris is an expensive place to live and wages are low but I think the experience would be good for anyone
  7. Hey HunCongratulations. Looks like u had the perfect day.Here's to a happy future for you both xx
  8. Either would be an option. If you got a divorce in Turkey and it wasn't contested you'd get your decree absolute in 15 days. You need to have this translated and stamped by a qualified translator or solicitor. If you then wish to re marry in the UK you world submit the translation to the registry office when u give notice. They then send it to the general registrar to be approved (trust me I know as I've done this). You won't need to wait to get married once the decree is approved. If you go down this route you'll need to attend court or give power of attorney to act in your behalf. If you div
  9. Just seen all my typo mistakes above! Haha
  10. Bus from dalaman would take 10-12 hours visiting about 49tl. Depending on time of year flights are harder to get and obviously more expensive.Dalaman to marmaris is about an hour or so in the car. Taxi would be a bit more expensive but you can agree a price before u get in.
  11. Tater tot - I don't mean to cause offence or start a row so please don't take this the wrong way but I was quite taken aback by your comments underneath my one. I know they weren't aimed at me but as open forum I'd like to respond.I think it was a bit harsh to say that Veronica is a magnet for drama. Considering you don't know her situation. I too was in a long relationship (8 years) with the person I thought I'd grow old with. That didn't work out and the next relationship also turned out to be slightly abusive. I didn't go looking for it! Not all people who live or work in tourist areas are
  12. From what I know you can also get a ban nowadays if you overstay. That's the whole point of the new resident permits to reduce the coming and goings
  13. Wishing u all the best for a happy future with or without this new guy. A holiday always does help being life into perspective but it is just that a holiday. Try not to get the holiday blues when I come home as that will cloud your judgement. Long distance relationships are hard and you'll be tested but anyone can be unfaithful wherever they live. Remember you're still young so go live life the way U want. You only get one chance it's not a practice run. Things to look out for during your week - does he spoil you I.e take you out and pay (or does he expect u to) not saying money is everything
  14. If you are both in the UK check the Turkish consulate website or give them a call
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